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Mandela Memorial Phony Sign Interpreter Metaphor for Obama Presidency

Friday, December 13, 2013

The media is all abuzz over Thamsanqa Jantjie, the fake sign language interpreter who stood a few feet from President Obama during the event at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. Much has been made that Jantjie was not really signing at all, but gesticulating wildly and making all the speeches that day, meaningless.

In retrospect, this was probably the most honest moment in all the Obama Presidency; the phony signer symbolised that all the waffling Barack has done over the last five years, is all gibberish.

Thamsanqa Jantjie, sends the runner to third base, while O drones on

The fakery is a metaphor that this administration has pulled multiple fast ones over us, since Barack’s anointment in 2009.

Thousands of speeches, ten of thousands of words spoken by President-empty-suit, have given the American people no more clarity into Fast & Furious, IRS Conservative group targeting, muzzling of journalists with subpoenas, Benghazi, the Obamacare meltdown and the now heralded deal with Iran that gives them everything and the U.S. nada.

Yesterday we learned from Jeff Dunetz of the blog, Yid With a Lid, that the easing of sanctions with Iran as first revealed by Secretary of State, John Kerry, in Geneva, was all smoke and mirrors.

“When P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran was first announced, two different reports about the amount of sanctions relief Iran would get, surfaced. The Obama Administration promised the value to the Iranian economy based on the easing of sanctions would be $6-7 billion dollars. Israel, on the other hand, believed that the Iranian economy would get a shot in the arm of $20 billion or more.”

The U.S. Senate threatened more sanctions to derail the deal, but that has proved to be more meaningless words. The State Department gets to keep what it caved into with Iran. Iran can continue to spin those centrifuges and refine more enriched uranium and reach their goal of a nuclear weapon. This will turn the entire Middle East on it’s head and threaten the peace of all Western states.

The use of Smart Power from this administration has proved a failure in every respect. The foreign policy of this administration is a series of Kumbaya moments, hoping that rogue states and super powers alike respect us for our submissive role. How do you spell appeasement Barack?

We have stumbled and failed since the Arab Spring. First supporting Egypt’s Mubarak, then heralding his arrest. Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood with meetings in the White House, then applauding their demise. A no “boots on the ground” approach with Libya and a cave-in on the final agreement with Afghanistan.

The level of ineptitude surrounding President Obama is shocking. Was this planned by Barack to truly make him the “smartest man in the room”? The list of blithering fools includes, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, Eric Holder, and of course the real ‘president’, Valerie Jarrett.

How many empty words have been spoken by this cast of characters on the Sunday News shows? Entire forests of scripted talking points covering up facts with utter bullshit.

Perhaps MSNBC will hire Thamsanqa Jantjie to sit beside David Axelrod and tell us what Barack Obama is really trying to say, which is absolutely nothing.

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