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President Obama is Feckless and a Coward

Monday, April 15, 2013


The dual bombings in Boston at the Marathon finishing line was an act of TERROR, you idiot!

Yet, there was President Obama, making a statement to the nation only a few hours after the horrific attack, saying anything but the truth. Everyone who has seen the images on television knows that this was an act of terrorism. But he could not say the words.

The aftermath of a bloody, horrible day

The aftermath of a bloody, horrible day

What is it about this president that any time our nation is threatened, attacked, or brave Americans have given their lives defending freedom, that Barack Obama carefully couches his words and speaks in the most PC manner?

He dares not to offend those that hate us, but spares nothing in attacking his political opponents, making ridiculous conclusions and condemning anyone who disagrees with him.

What a weak, cowardly child Barack Obama is. He is no Commander-In-Chief to me.

I watched in horror just moments after the bombs went of in Boston. I saw raw footage of bloody and disfigured victims being led away in wheel chairs or on stretchers. There was even a brief moment where I saw a man with his leg blown off and the shin bone exposed.

Unbelievable horror.

Unbelievable horror.

The images could have been from a market in Baghdad or a bus in Tel Aviv. But not here, not in America? Two bombs exploded only seconds apart, filled with shrapnel, designed to kill, maim and injure as many as possible. That is terrorism

The police, security, military and private citizens rushed fearlessly into the carnage to tear the barricades apart and attend to the injured. The crowds were screaming and crying. There could have been a third or fourth bomb, but that didn’t stop them. I watched as a surge of police in yellow vests, paramedics and firefighters ran to the rescue. Soothing those in shock, applying tourniquets and blood stop – it was a battlefield.

Despite the shocking and horrifying images displayed everywhere, President Obama showed no anger or said anything close to the outrage every American felt at that moment.

Barack read from an emotionless script, as if what happened in Boston was an accident.
“We still do not know who did this or why. And people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But make no mistake — we will get to the bottom of this. And we will find out who did this; we’ll find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

With out any doubt, this was an act of terrorism.

It was a beautiful holiday in Boston, the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, with crowds of thousands, peacefully and happily watching their friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children run to the finishing line. Then horror struck as a coward or a den of cowards set off two bombs in the middle of crowded sidewalks.

The President says, “people shouldn’t jump to conclusions”, but we all know what this was; another attack on the homeland. It was terrorism and Mr. President, you have failed to protect us, once again.

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