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Third Debate Recap: Romney has Policy, Obama is Foreign

Monday, October 22, 2012

So it’s over, three debates and I’m exhausted. I believe that Mitt Romney played it safe – he’s ahead in the polls and all Obama could do was defend and deflect.

I do not think this will move the dials at all. The questions and answers were too wonkish for the average voter. The American voter only cares about jobs and the economy. They only perked up when they both brought it back to jobs.

I know the pundits will score it once again for Obama, but on content it was all Romney. Obama looked confident, because he could repeat his stump speeches, which has always been lots of rhetoric, little on fact and more on bluster.

Mitt Romney appeared nervous at first, but then his confidence level went up. Romney did not try to attack or go out on a limb. He was told to be calm and not go off tangent, be a leader.

President Obama did attack and try to demean once again, but this backfired badly. Mitt Romney kept telling Obama that personal attacks do not define policy. This then allowed Romney to outline his overall views.

We already know what Obama has done and not done. The nation is well aware of what Barack promised four years ago and failed to achieve. Obama has a failed record, while Romney is saying, just give me the shot and the nation will win.

My prediction is based on my feelings only; Romney will continue to rise in the national and swing state polls, while Obama will reach total desperation. In the last week Obama will unleash poisonous attack after poisonous attack, only to turn off the electorate.

Mitt Romney will become the 45th President of the United States and good times are ahead!

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