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Second Debate Recap; Romney Goes to Town, While Obama Goes to Hell

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The State Owned Media, Obama surrogates and most pundits all agree that Barack Obama won handily over Mitt Romney in last night’s second debate. However undecided voters in focus groups on MSNBC and Fox News had it much differently, declaring Romney the winner?

Even worse, the CNN flash poll had even more proof that Romney won;

“Who would do a better job on the economy?”  58% Romney 40% Obama (CBS had it at 65% Romney 34% Obama)

“Who would do a better job on health care?”     49% Romney 46% Obama

“Who would better handle Taxes?”                      51% Romney 44% Obama

“Who would better handle the deficit?”              59% Romney 36% Obama

Despite those overwhelming numbers for Mitt Romney,  CNN’s Headline read that Obama won this debate 46% to 39% for Romney. I call this Journalistic Malpractice.

It is also the result of really lousy polling as they only canvassed 457 Registered Voters. But considering the number of viewers CNN has, that probably reflects their entire viewing audience!

The true “winner” of this debate could be CNN’s Candy Crowley, who injected her own analysis of what she believed President Obama said in his Rose Garden speech of September 12th. Crowley stepped in way over her pay grade and was suddenly the Referee stopping a touchdown, passing judgement on what the President did or didn’t say. (Watch the video and ignore the caption)

This interruption stopped Romney’s response and he may have been ready to pounce on the fact that Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice kept touting a never seen YouTube video as the reason for their claim of a “spontaneous protest”. A cover, that President Obama stated two weeks later at the United Nations, blaming the video 6 times and the murders via terrorism 0.

Candy Crowley showed even more institutional bias by interrupting Mitt Romney 28 times to Barack Obama’s 9. Why the RNC keeps agreeing to these Liberal moderators is beyond me. Why not a Brit Hume, Mike Wallace or even Megyn Kelly for at least one of the three presidential debates?

Despite this, Mitt Romney got to defend his position on the GM bailout, his 5 point tax plan and how he is nothing like George Bush. Romney provided detailed answers of his policies and how he views America very differently from Barack Obama.

President Obama stuck to his stump boiler plate and rhetorical answers to the questions. His biggest gaffe was on oil prices, claiming that the reason they were $1.84 a gallon in 2008 was because the economy was in bad shape. So by that equation, $4.50 a gallon today means the economy is booming?

Read Hugh Hewitt’s take; So Let’s Talk About Libya, Fast & Furious, Gas Prices and Jeremy’s Job: Romney Wins Again and GOP Is 3-0

This debate will not stop Obama’s poll numbers from declining and it has reinforced those undecideds that Barack Obama promises nothing new if he gets another four years. They have only one choice, fire Obama and elect Mitt Romney as President to re energize our economy, jobs and make the United States the best place on earth, once again.

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  1. B R permalink
    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 8:31 pm

    You said, “Why the DNC keeps agreeing to these Liberal moderators is beyond me.” Did you mean RNC?

  2. Wednesday, October 17, 2012 8:37 pm

    Yes RNC, and now fixed. I have vigilant readers, thank you!

  3. cmblake6 permalink
    Saturday, October 20, 2012 10:41 pm

    You know what’s weird? I got a warning from mu provider about this site. “They” are hard at work trying to block the right response to the leftist madness.

    • cmblake6 permalink
      Saturday, October 20, 2012 10:46 pm

      Mu. :P MY! Scheissen, I wish I had an edit button.

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