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President Race Baiter Debates “Rich White Guy”

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

After endless months of campaigning, days worth of talking head surrogates and idiot pundits, President Obama and Mitt Romney held the first of their three debates. Hallelujah!

Jim Leher’s opening was almost bungled, but what do you expect from a very old rich liberal white guy.

Round 1, 2, 3, 4 and on – all on the Economy, so why did they need segments or Leher for that matter?

Obama started off with his boiler plate stump speech on the “worst economy” and the jobs lost and then his faux jobs created, the auto industry is “roaring back”. Then Obama’s left slant on spending, spending, spending. He could only talk about the standard Liberal philosophy of the lat 50 years, ‘investing more in education”, closing loop holes for companies “shipping jobs overseas”. Then on to his energy boiler plate about wind, solar and bio-fuels. He kept that up the entire night and kept looking to Jim Leher for help, hardly looking at Romney, while speaking.

Romney was very well prepared and came off very presidential with great experience as a former Governor and a savvy business man. He landed the right punches and countered Obama’s terrible record every chance he could. Mitt Romney attacked the agenda and failures of Obama; the deficit, the increased cost of healthcare, the rise of welfare, unemployment and the $90 billion into failed green energy programs.

Obama continually resorted to his standard stump speeches and leftist agenda that has only been warmly accepted by his supporters. At the debate he had to defend his failures for the first time because he was challenged by Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was on the offensive all evening and attacked smartly with memorable lines like, “trickle down Government” and  (Obama’s) “path is unsuccessful”, “$90 billion to failed green energy”, “you pick losers”.

The left is screaming mad, CNN has given the debate victory to Romney and MSNBC is calling all of Romney’s facts ‘lies”.
We got ’em buzzing and this is a great momentum changer and boost for Mitt Romney.

The Vice Presidential debate on the 11th will continue the success as Paul Ryan will take Joe Biden apart.

CNN/ORC Poll among registered voters; 67% Romney, 25% Obama!

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