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The DNC and Obama is the Party of Backwardness

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So I’m watching Sandra Fluke, speaking before the Democratic National Convention, preaching a pack of lies and misinformation on birth control. What makes this recent graduate of Georgetown Law School an expert on politics, birth control or preventive medicine. Absolutely nothing!

This is the crux of the rise of Barack Obama and Sandra Fluke, two people with no expertise, talent or real world experience trying to tell us how we should live.

If Sandra Fluke can be elevated into a position of an expert and a spokesperson for woman’s rights, then that gives credence to Barack Obama being portrayed as a “constitutional expert” and Commander in Chief.

According to this political convention the Democratic party is  the party of abortion, birth control, welfare, government healthcare, food stamps and an ever growing government. It’s a party that celebrates men like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Two philanderers;  not great models of how you treat woman with respect and dignity.

Later, it’s that part Cherokee white lady, Elizabeth Warren, lecturing us about our “fair share”, hating Wall Street and “protecting” the little guy.

I call all this BULLSHIT and I’m so tired of the phoney failures telling me that you build the country from the bottom up. These elitists of the political class no nothing about the real world and speak to me like I’m in Russia in 1912.
Scary stuff.

Come November, it is an easy decision; do you want Government control of your lives, huge debt, higher taxes, no jobs, an economy like Greece and woman at the whim and will of Washington? Or do you want freedom and a country with limited government and prosperity.
The choice is so easy, unless you are a moron.

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