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Obama’s 2012 Campaign Mired in 1976 and 1992

Monday, September 3, 2012

It is ironic that President Obama and all his surrogates keep saying that the Romney-Ryan ticket offers no new ideas and will bring us back to the Bush era. Yet, without any record of achievement to speak of, the Democratic National Convention will reach back 36 years to President Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency and then hope for inspiration from President Bill Clinton.

That’s looking “Forward” isn’t it?

Let’s not forget that there will be appearances from John Kerry, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; where there is an average of 20 murders a day, Birth Control specialist Sandra Fluke, Congressman Barney Frank, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America Nancy Keenan, Caroline Kennedy, Lilly Ledbetter, billed as a Women’s rights activist (the Supreme Court, denied her claim because no allegedly discriminatory pay-setting act had occurred within the 180 days provided by the statute of limitations before Ledbetter filed suit), Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards, Los Angeles Mayor, Democratic Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (representing Native Americans?) as well as DNC Chair Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.

It will be a Leftist’s Romp and tribute to Karl Marx and everything that is wrong with this President and America.

The New York Times revealed on Sunday, that it is Valerie Jarrett who is THE power behind Barack Obama and is one of only two people he trusts and listens to. This is why both Rahm Emanuel and William M. Daley left their posts of White House Chief of Staff, as they were emasculated every day by “VJ”.

Today, President Obama dismissed criticism he doesn’t spend enough time developing relationships with Washington deal-makers who can help push his agenda forward because he prioritizes time at home with his children. He forgot to mention 104 times on the golf course.

Over the next 4 nights and up to election day you will hear this mantra as espoused by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Let’s not forget that Mayor Villar (his real name) is a serial philanderer and failed the Californian bar four times. Intelligence is not a criteria to be a member of the Democrat party. So Villar repeated the talking point that the Republican platform “looks like the platform of 1812”. Not to be out done by Barack Obama, “They want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

What you will not hear this week are these facts.

  • Unemployment on Inauguration 2009, 7.8%  – Today, 8.3% and we have had 43 consecutive months above 8%
  • Participation in the Labor Force on Inauguration 2009, 65.5% – Today 63.7%, coming close to Jimmy Carter territory.

  • Median Annual Income, June 2009 $53,518 – June 2012 $50,964, a drop of 4.9%

  • Fuel Price average on Inauguration 2009, $1.85/gallon – Today $3.83 a 207% increase!

Barack Obama will undoubtedly give a rousing speech making all sorts of specious claims of phony “achievements” on Thursday night and blame everybody he can for his failed agenda. The truth is in the numbers and most specifically the over 23 million unemployed, the massive increase in the poor and those on welfare.

Barack Obama has been an epic failure and a huge disaster for this nation. We cannot forget that on July 13th, in a campaign speech in Roanoke, Virginia our Chicago Professor said,

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

Let’s boot him out of office in November by electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and start our road to recovery and prosperity.
Our future as a people and a nation depends on it.

Posted: 2120 PDT


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