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Obama Now Wants To Be A “Good Two Term President”

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The worst U.S. President ever elected has changed his mind and now wants to be reelected to a second term. Fortunately, we the people get to decide.

Now that Barack and Michelle have abused every perk of living in the White House, they want to torture us some more. “Change You Can Believe In”, really means thinking that we are too stupid to remember what Obama has said in the past.

On January 26th, 2010, President Obama told Dianne Sawyer that he’d like to be a real good one term president rather than a mediocre two term one.

Failing this nation so badly in just three years, doesn’t phase Barry. Obama needs 8 years to totally destroy us.

What scares me more than the abysmal record of this president is that there are a lot of voters who still believe he needs more time. Barack Obama is like a plague that cannot be controlled.

Every campaign speech is peppered with the new mantra, “fair share”, as he continues his scorched America blitzkrieg. Don’t ever believe that Occupy Wall Street wasn’t a White House basement creation. The “have nots” were suddenly screaming about the 1% and attacking the same people that Obama, his czars and Democrats have been cronies with since his run for president began.

If the Republican Presidential hopefuls would stop attacking each other and focus on the creeps occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama’s polling would be at the bottom.

Mitt Romney is being speared for being an entrepreneur and following the right of every U.S. citizen to prosper in the capitalist system. The real “Corporate Vulture” is Barack Obama, who has laid waste to our economy and future. Unemployment numbers have once again gone up and it will still be hovering around 8.7 – 9% by election day.

In an interview with ABC News, President Obama was asked by Barbara Walters if he will “be a mediocre two-term president.”
“I want to be a really good two-term president,” Obama told Waters.  Walters then asked Obama if he feels he has been a really good one-term president.
“I think that the choices we’ve made have made America stronger, and have made the American people — put them in a better position in order to succeed over the long term. Short term, folks are still hurting,” Obama said in response.

Barack and Michelle have always shown extreme arrogance and utter contempt for America and now the recent book “The Obamas” just chronicles what we’ve seen every day.

Suddenly Axelrod was out deflecting the reports of the 2009 Halloween party with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton held at the White House. Michelle is all over the networks complaining that she is being portrayed as an “Angry Black Woman”.

The truth hurts don’t it!

The Obama’s say “Let them eat cake”, while every day hard working Americans suffer.

I so look forward to voting you out of office this November and kicking your angry, racist and hateful asses out of Washington!

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  1. cmblake6 permalink
    Thursday, January 19, 2012 7:54 pm

    Excellent rant, my friend.

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