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Barack Obama Dumbs Down the Presidency

Monday, December 5, 2011

Barack Obama is the least qualified man ever to run for President of the United States. Three years later I am still trying to understand if the voters even realize it. I doubt it.

Barack Obama was not vetted, his background was ignored. Obama’s habit of voting “present”, still apparent today, is considered unimportant.

President Obama scolds Republicans, again and again

Three years later we finally have proof that his policies have all failed and the nation is struggling because of it. Will that mean a guaranteed victory for the Republican presidential contender? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Republican candidates are battling it out for that job and so far we have a field of re-tread politicians and up and comers all with spotty records. True, most of them would do a better job than Obama, but that is not saying much.

When you have a President with lower approval levels than Jimmy Carter (42% vs. 53%), it’s easy to believe that any Republican can defeat him in 2012.

The irony in all this is that the media is looking at the records and words of all the Republican candidates with great scrutiny. The New York Times has been the most active in slamming Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. But the left leaning MSM has ignored the very man in the White House; you can’t criticize the man you want in there, can you?

It will be either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich who will be the Republican presidential candidate. Neither of them are Conservatives or embody the ideals of the Republican party. The general consensus is that we have to appeal to the independents and have a centrist candidate.

Are you bored yet? I am and I’m just as tired of railing against this empty suit of a President and we still have 11 months to go.

A majority of the voters do not begin to pay attention to the candidates and their message until two months before election day. The first Presidential debate in September of 2008 drew about 52. 4 million viewers, 127 million cast votes that November.

It’s entirely about messaging and today that only means attacking your opponent. President Obama’s horrible record is all out there for everyone to see. David Plouffe, David Axelrod and every proxie for Obama are out there trying to distract you from the truth.

The Democrat machine will use all it’s might to make dumb dumb look better than Mitt or Newt and continue the class warfare argument.

So what will it take for a Republican to win back the White House?

A solid, simple argument that explains clearly why we are on the wrong path and what will be done to correct it. We’ll need to get beyond Newt’s debating skills or Romney’s business acumen. The Republican nominee running for President will have to inspire, engage and raise the bar of what is expected of our President.

This is not American Idol, this is America’s Future.

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