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President Obama Less Than Zero

Friday, September 2, 2011

In Washington it’s called optics and in Hollywood it’s image. Out here on the left coast, if you are even semi-important you have handlers, agents and publicists. In the White House, you have a Chief of Staff; Bill Daley, a Senior Advisor to the President; David Plouffe, a Domestic Policy Adviser; Melody Barnes, a Political Strategy Adviser; Katherine Archuleta, and a Press Secretary; Jay Carney.

Obama looked good in the previews

Barack Obama was portrayed as historic, intellectual, the smartest man in the room, quick thinking, pragmatic and the greatest public speaker in America. Obama was swept into office in a wave of both relief and huge expectations.

But then reality struck, Barack Hussein Obama was President and he was expected to lead this nation. Surrounded at the beginning with David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina, Valerie Jarrett and Robert Gibbs he was coached and massaged every day, like a prize fighter, carefully nurtured and expected to win the fight.

So what happened? Barack Obama is so ‘smart’ that he refuses to listen to anyone but himself. Obama is so tightly wrapped in his extreme leftist view of America that his pivots to the center are only symbolic words, read off a teleprompter. In the sanctity of the Oval Office he returns to his dogmatic view of the U.S.A. that he fundamentally wants to change.

After a stimulus bill, bank bail outs, automobile company take overs, and a long drawn out battle for Obama Care, the nation is still in economic shutdown.

Today, at the start of the Labor Day weekend, just seven days from what Obama calls a major speech on jobs, before a joint Session of Congress, the Labor Department reported that there were zero new jobs created during the month of August.

The new 2012 bumper sticker

That’s right, after spending billions in union payback stimulus dollars for “shovel-ready jobs” that never existed, unemployment is stuck at 9.1% where it has been for over five months. The last time the nation had zero new jobs was in February of 1945, over 66 years ago.

Finally Obama’s optics and policies have hit the wall and this President has fallen flat on his face. A complete failure of leadership.

Surrounded by a group of advisers too frightened to say anything but “Yes, Barack.”, they have not a shred of reality of what is truly happening to the average American. Combined with an ideologue who thinks the world loves him and he’s too brilliant to take on hard work, political blindness sets in.

At this point Barack Obama is less than zero and his chances of four more years is shrinking by the second as the nation’s voters are getting frustrated with reams of unfulfilled promises, unmet expectations and zero solutions.

Barack Obama and the DNC do not want to talk about his failed record, so the campaign will be all about distraction. “The Tea Party are racist”, “The Republicans are to blame.” The attacks began this month and will only escalate, as his proxies and the media pick up and run with this theme.

The Republican presidential candidate for 2012 has to ask only one question; “What is your record of achievement Mr. Obama?” That needs to be driven home every day of the campaign.

Early Friday, Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council was on the White House lawn doing the network and cable rounds, defending the moribund economic reports and yet still saying that, “President Obama is focused like a laser beam on jobs.”

Obama was so focused that he was seen boarding Marine One at 10 A.M. on his way to Camp David for the long weekend. Barack Obama is definitely focused like a laser beam, but it’s not on the economic peril facing the nation, it’s on his re-election in 2012. That laser beam focus on his re-election has been there since the day he was inaugurated.

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