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President Obama’s Answer On High Gas Prices — Screw You!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

There I was fuming, at a standstill, in gridlock in Los Angeles last week. Gasoline prices were hovering close to $5.00 a gallon. This was no ordinary L.A. gridlock. The massive surface street traffic jam was the result of a fund raising visit by President Obama. Streets were blocked for miles around as Obama made two campaign stops to ridicule “millionaires and billionaires” in front of millionaire and billionaire actors and moguls.

The focus of Obama’s demagoguery once again, was big oil and their huge first quarter profits. Obama lashed out at the 4 billion dollar government subsidy for oil drilling. Lost on the lefty Hollywood airheads and the media, is the fact that most of that money goes to independent drillers and it’s about finding new sources of oil.

Obama then attempted another smoke and mirrors distraction by calling for the JD to investigate oil traders and speculators. This rudderless president will not take any responsibility or real action on the crisis of rising prices at the pump. Instead, he pushes for the creation of green jobs and renewable energy and the destruction of a vital industry.

The oil, gas and coal industries are responsible for over 700,000 jobs as well as another 327,000 from support activities. Contrast that with a meager 85,000 jobs from wind power.

Fifty percent of our nation’s electricity is generated from coal, another 20 percent from nuclear power. Oil is 37 percent of our energy demand and it drives 71 percent of transportation. Natural gas is at 27 percent and 37 percent of it it used for power generation. Wind only generates 2 percent.

President Obama and the Department of Energy has killed offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, which represents 30 percent of our crude oil and 13 percent of our natural gas production, mostly from deepwater drilling.

Obama, using the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Energy has refused to allow drilling  for shale oil and gas by imposing  a review of all its 200 plus million acres of land, in defiance of Congressional approval.

This is political gridlock that is costing this nation billions of dollars, millions of jobs and our future security. The political unrest in the middle-east and our three war front is causing a rise in the price of crude. President Obama refuses to open up domestic oil exploration and give the United States energy independence. Instead he preaches about climate change, hybrids, electric vehicles, wind power and solar energy.

It’s pie-in-the-sky thinking that will take take twenty years to achieve. Eighty-five percent of the world’s energy comes from hydrocarbons: 35 percent oil, 30 percent coal and 20 percent natural gas.

What the hell are we doing chasing rainbows while our economy is in free fall and Obama plays with our future by giving us the big finger?

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