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President Obama Lectures On “Living Within Our Means”

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

President Obama appeared at George Washington University today, to make a speech on his plan to fix the deficit. This oxymoron is striking, as Obama has quadrupled the debt, created gigantic entitlement programs and proposed a budget for 2012 with even more spending.

The Debt as President Obama speaks

President Obama does not have an ounce of credibility to lecture us on “living within our means”, when he has out spent every U.S. President since George Washington.

“We have to live within our means, reduce our deficit, and get back on a path that will allow us to pay down our debt. And we have to do it in a way that protects the recovery, and protects the investments we need to grow, create jobs, and win the future.”

Campaigner In Chief at it again

Obama setup his argument by essentially blaming the current situation on the last three Presidents and Congress. Then he offered to stick to the traditional Democratic policy of even more taxes and bigger spending. Chalk this up as another one of Obama’s campaign speeches in this never ending cycle that he began in 2007.


Keeping with his persona of being a demagogue by attacking and belittling, he of course blamed the “billionaires and millionaires” for not paying more because of the Bush Tax cuts.

“..we made the problem worse with trillions of dollars in unpaid-for tax cuts – tax cuts that went to every millionaire and billionaire in the country; tax cuts that will force us to borrow an average of $500 billion every year over the next decade.”

Then he resorted to fear mongering by stating that seniors and the middle class would suffer under any Republican budget plan.

“It’s a vision that says America can’t afford to keep the promise we’ve made to care for our seniors. It says that ten years from now, if you’re a 65 year old who’s eligible for Medicare, you should have to pay nearly $6,400 more than you would today. It says instead of guaranteed health care, you will get a voucher. And if that voucher isn’t worth enough to buy insurance, tough luck – you’re on your own. Put simply, it ends Medicare as we know it.

This is a vision that says up to 50 million Americans have to lose their health insurance in order for us to reduce the deficit. And who are those 50 million Americans? Many are someone’s grandparents who wouldn’t be able afford nursing home care without Medicaid. Many are poor children. Some are middle-class families who have children with autism or Down’s syndrome. Some are kids with disabilities so severe that they require 24-hour care. These are the Americans we’d be telling to fend for themselves.

Worst of all, this is a vision that says even though America can’t afford to invest in education or clean energy; even though we can’t afford to care for seniors and poor children, we can somehow afford more than $1 trillion in new tax breaks for the wealthy. Think about it. In the last decade, the average income of the bottom 90% of all working Americans actually declined. The top 1% saw their income rise by an average of more than a quarter of a million dollars each. And that’s who needs to pay less taxes? They want to give people like me a two hundred thousand dollar tax cut that’s paid for by asking thirty three seniors to each pay six thousand dollars more in health costs? That’s not right, and it’s not going to happen as long as I’m President.” (full text here)

Obama, then lied by stating that his health care bill would reduce our deficit by one trillion dollars. This talking point has been debunked by the CBO, because the projection is over 20 years, in fact, ObamaCare will only get us a $143 billion reduction over the next 10 years.

I call this Obama’s second State of the Union Address, where he politicized instead of offering any substantive means of reducing this nation’s debt. Nothing new here, another opportunity for blowing smoke and wasting our time, to just tell us that he’s holding to his original campaign rhetoric and proposed 2012 budget plan.

What irritates me the most about Barack Obama is his arrogance and total disrespect for the hard work of others, by taking credit for it himself, “I want you to know that one of the reasons I kept the government open was so I could be here today with all of you. I wanted to make sure you had one more excuse to skip class. You’re welcome.”

Obama used this speech to essentially frame what his 2012 Presidential election campaign will be all about and also give a warning to members of his own party to follow him over the cliff.

“Indeed, to those in my own party, I say that if we truly believe in a progressive vision of our society, we have the obligation to prove that we can afford our commitments. If we believe that government can make a difference in people’s lives, we have the obligation to prove that it works – by making government smarter, leaner and more effective.”

President Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan is “Winning The Future”. The United States can definitely win the future by soundly defeating Barack Obama and all the Democrat incumbents.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer said it perfectly on Fox News, here.

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