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President Obama Chasing Windmills

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As gasoline prices rose another 8.7 cents to reach a national average of $3.74 a gallon, representing a 103% increase since Obama’s inauguration and Washington faced a government shutdown, President Obama literally ran away to hit two campaign stops. First, in Philadelphia, Obama held a “Town Hall” meeting to discuss clean energy at Gamesa Technology Corp., a company that manufactures wind turbines.

Gamesa is a Spanish owned operation and this plant in Fairless Hills was going bankrupt until it received a government bailout of $22.8 million in stimulus money.

Obama pushing wind power and doing it badly

Obama said, “You guys are not messing around. This is the future of American energy.”

This President is betting America’s security on a failed energy technology as proven in a 26 month study of wind turbines in Scotland. The report said, “for numerous extended periods of time all the wind turbines in Scotland linked to the National Grid muster less than 20MW of energy – that’s enough power for a mere 6,667 households to boil their kettles for a cup of tea.”

That’s why T Boone Pickens abandoned his huge wind farm project as far back as July 2009 and turned his wealth to his vast natural gas fields. Meanwhile Obama  told his captive audience, “you are helping to build towers that are going to stand 400 feet in the air and generate enough electricity to power 600 homes. And the blades alone are 140 feet long, so these aren’t your father’s windmills. These are wind turbines.”

“I think that what you do here is a glimpse of the future, and it’s a future where America is less dependent on foreign oil, more reliant on clean energy produced by workers like you. And I know that this is — this whole issue of energy is on the minds of a lot of people right now, partly because you’re paying more at the pump. Anybody notice that? You noticed that a little bit.”

Only Obama could be so contrite on rising oil prices and the portending economic disaster facing the nation. But “O” stuck to his script and launched into full bore campaign rhetoric with, “With all that’s going on in the world, with all the challenges we’re facing, that’s what I think about every single day when I wake up — what matters to you. I want to make sure everybody who wants a job can find one; everybody can pay their bills; everybody can raise their kids and give them a better life. And that’s what all of us should be thinking about. Some of you may have heard the latest argument in Washington — the fight over last year’s budget. Keep in mind, we’re not arguing about this year’s budget, we’re arguing about last year’s budget. It makes it tough to win the future when you haven’t passed the budget from last year.”

I guess Obama forgot that his party held the majority, until last November, in both chambers of Congress since 2006 and could have easily passed a budget last September. Instead he faces a government shutdown and said,

“And some of you may not be that sympathetic. You may say, well, let it shut down, what do I care? But here’s the thing. When government shuts down, it means that that small business owner who’s waiting to get a loan, suddenly nobody’s there to process it. He may not get that loan and that business may not open. And whoever he was planning to hire, suddenly he may not have that job that he was counting on.

It may turn out that somebody who was trying to get a mortgage can’t have their paperwork processed by the FHA and now the person who was going to sell the house, what they were counting on, they can’t get it.

Folks who were planning a vacation to Yellowstone — well, it turns out national parks, suddenly you’re closed, you’re out of luck. You may have to try to figure out if you can get your money back for that resort you were going to stay at.

I mean, these are things that affect ordinary families day in, day out, and it affects our economy right at the time when our economy is getting momentum.”

Then Obama flew off to New York city to attend the National Action Network’s Keepers of Dream Awards Gala, to embrace his “new” friend the Reverend Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton, the slimeiest, sleaziest, race-baiting merchant of hate arm in arm with the other merchant of hate, President Barack Obama!

Finally, Obama summoned Senate majority leader, Harry Reid and House Speaker, John Boehner to meet him at the White House on his return to D.C. so as to try and look presidential and discuss how an agreement might be reached to avoid a shutdown.

After 90 minutes the President first spoke to the press in the briefing room and then Reid and Boehner followed, outside the White House; no deal, but they would keep working on it.

This of course is all political calculus and eerily similar to the previous government shutdown in 1994 by then Speaker, Newt Gingrich when Bill Clinton was President. That shutdown backfired badly for the Republicans, who controlled both the Senate and the House and led to Bill Clinton’s re-election.

Boenher is well aware of this and is performing a dangerous high-wire balancing act in trying to appease the Tea Party caucus as well as his old standard bearers. Barack Obama is just sitting back, licking his chops and hoping for a shutdown so he can find more people to blame.

The media is already campaigning for Obama and if he wins a second term we can only blame ourselves and live with the stench of this crap sandwich.

The best thing that the Republicans can do is force a government shutdown and pass the Paul Ryan budget plan. There is huge demagoguery from the left and Obama himself, even though he and the Democrats are responsible for the massive $1.85 Trillion dollar deficit.

Obama will continue chasing windmills and hopefully the electorate will get a clue and kick his ass out of the White House in 2012.

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