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President Obama Speaks Again But No One Is Listening

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eleven days after President Obama agreed to a United Nations Resolution for a No Fly Zone in Libya, he finally addressed the nation to explain what the mission was about. Obama’s speech was all about the coalition, the United Nations, NATO and a complete surrender to his left-wing base. The AP fact check Obama’s speech here.

President Obama is so proud of not being a go-it-alone Cowboy, in the Bush mold. Think Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg. Obama has buried the Bald Eagle, with arrows in it’s talons and substituted our proud history with a failed and weak foreign policy.

President Obama boring us once again

By now every American should realize that it has elected a man unfit for leadership, with no tangible sense of what the role of President of the United States is. Obama has failed this country and the world by surrendering this nation’s proud military leadership to that of a secondary role, similar to a U.N. Peacekeeping force.


Obama never explained what the goals are to end the mission or what the U.S. will do if and when Moammar Gadhafi leaves power. There is no end game here, it is as ad-libbed as the mission itself. Obama concluded by trying to give us a Nobel Peace prize moment by saying our, “strength abroad is anchored by strength at home.”

President Obama’s main objective was to defend his slow decision to stop Gadhafi’s slaughter and clarify that he is just not up to being Commander in Chief.

“At my direction, America led an effort with our allies at the United Nations Security Council to pass an historic Resolution that authorized a No Fly Zone to stop the regime’s attacks from the air, and further authorized all necessary measures to protect the Libyan people.”

“In this effort, the United States has not acted alone. Instead, we have been joined by a strong and growing coalition. This includes our closest allies – nations like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey – all of whom have fought by our side for decades. And it includes Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, who have chosen to meet their responsibility to defend the Libyan people.” (Full text here)

That’s been the main problem for President Obama, a lack of a consistent message in every one of his decisions. All he can do is vote “Present”, instead of “Aye”. Obama cannot stand tall enough to lead this exceptional nation.

President Reagan could and this is what he said on April 14, 1986, after he launched attacks on Libya.

The United States may never see a Ronald Reagan as President again, but it certainly does not need another President Obama.

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  1. Monday, March 28, 2011 6:25 pm

    Wait… Weak? He accomplished more in the past eleven days than any other President did in any international intervention in history. Hate the man if you want. But please understand what an amazing accomplishment this was.

  2. Monday, March 28, 2011 7:22 pm

    Please tell us what Obama’s great accomplishment is besides finally getting off his ass and reluctantly agreeing to the no fly zone, because of the push by Hillary Clinton?
    Getting rid of the terrorist and murderer of U.S citizens, Gadhafi; either killing him or putting him on trial would be a real accomplishment.
    I don’t hate the man – Obama, at all, but I do hate the job he is doing. Despite your reverence for this failed President, most citizens feel the same as I.

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