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President Obama Showing Leadership in His Golf Game

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whenever there is a crisis, you can be assured that President Obama will be on the Golf course. In December 2009, Obama hastily changed out of his Polo shirt and shorts to make remarks in Hawaii on the failed “Underwear Bomber”, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

This past weekend Obama was on the links again, playing his 62nd round — a Presidential record. Obama has been weak and indecisive on just about everything that would require him to act as President.

Where is he on the rising gas prices? What is he doing on the “No Fly Zone” in Libya? What about the economy, unemployment, manufacturing? Why was he on the Golf course hours after the massive earthquake, destructive Tsunami and the impending nuclear meltdown disaster in Japan?

It looks like America has elected the “Leisure Time” President; between holidays, gym workouts, basketball games and golf, Obama does manage to hold televised events to campaign for re-election in 2012. That’s a whole lot of nothing and he should be booted from office, so he can retire, giving him unlimited time on the golf course.

While the U.S. deficit climbs and Congress is in gridlock over budget cutbacks and emergency government funding, Barack Obama was taping his NCAA Bracket picks for ESPN, to air tomorrow.

Of course he did manage to tape three radio interviews on education reform and the need to fix No Child Left Behind. That leave’s him and Michelle time to change into the latest fashions for another White House party.

Last Friday, it was a party for Obama’s “hometown” Chicago Blackhawks, who won the 2010 NHL championship Stanley Cup after 49 years. Wednesday, March 9th a mid-week affair to watch an NBA basketball game of the president’s favorite Chicago Bulls. In February it was the big Motown party. No wonder he is exhausted being President.

I’ve lost track of all the social events and faux television appearances by this ineffectual President. Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a ‘great’ President. That is Obama’s only achievement.

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