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Obama’s Calculus on Egypt a Big Fail

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barack Obama is truly the most inept President ever elected in U.S. history. His White House and cabinet are the biggest bunch of stooges this country could ever find.

While the protests began in Cairo on January 25th, President Obama was delivering his State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress and ignored this major political upheaval by saying nothing about it. This was the cue that Obama and his administration do not have a credible Foreign Policy.

President Obama "campaigning" in Cairo with President Mubarak, June 4 2009

Obama made a tactical decision to support the Egyptian people in the streets, hoping to be on the right side of history, without ever calculating what kind of government would result. After urging Mubarak to step down, days later the administration was  supporting him again.

Within hours of that decision, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw Hosni overboard once more, in stating the U.S. supported the newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman.

President Obama has made several statements suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been outlawed since 1952, should participate in forming a new Egyptian government. In his interview with Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday, Obama said, “I think that the Muslim Brotherhood is one faction in Egypt. They don’t have majority support in Egypt but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti U.S., there is no doubt about it,”

It seems that the White House has placed all their bets on a smooth and peaceful transition; where Hosni Mubarak quickly leaves the scene and some sort of rainbow-like democracy emerges, after nearly fifty years of oppressive one party-military rule. This fantasy is only wished to cement Obama’s re-election in 2012 and has nothing to do with protecting the self-interests of the United States.

This morning, the President’s Mid-East briefing was centered solely on a rumor.  The rumor, fueled by the Associated Press, stated that Mubarak was going to step down today.

Proving the utter incompetence of the Obama administration, CIA Director Leon Panetta, in testimony before the House intelligence committee said that there was a “strong likelihood” that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would step down by the end of the day.

And how was the head of the CIA briefed on this intelligence assessment?  Panetta read it in his morning news paper! The committee chairman referred to media accounts predicting that the Egyptian president would step down and Panetta said, “I got the same information you did, that there is a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down this evening, which would be significant in terms of where the hopefully orderly transition in Egypt takes place.”

This clown act got even better when the Director of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, testified on the Muslim Brotherhood by saying, “The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ … is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam,”

No body bothered to ask Clapper, why this “secular” group had the religious name “Muslim” in it’s title? Or that this same Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas, Al Qaeda and Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri, the second in command to Usama Bin-Laden.

One only has to Google the name and you will get 3,890,000 results and important facts like this from the Counter Terrorism Blog: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s charter describes its goal as the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate – an empire stretching from Spain to Indonesia. Although it claims to be non-violent, its charter describes “dying in the way of Allah” as the group’s highest hope.”

This only proves that our most senior intelligence chief lives in a closet, under the stairs in the basement of the White House. Normally a gaffe this huge would result in his firing, but oh no, the White House, hours later issued this clarification of Clapper’s idiocy.

“To clarify Director Clapper’s point, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood makes efforts to work through a political system that has been, under Mubarak’s rule, one that is largely secular in its orientation. He is well aware that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a secular organization,” DNI spokesperson Jamie Smith said.

This is the second time the White House has propped up Clapper. During a televised interview in December alongside other top security officials, Clapper was stumped when asked about a major set of terror arrests in Great Britain. There was a long period of silence, because he didn’t even know about it.

The White House later acknowledged that Clapper had not yet been briefed about the sweep, while defending him as “the consummate DNI.” Yes, it was also in that morning’s news papers.

Meanwhile, our Glee Club Leader in Chief, was campaigning in Michigan’s upper Peninsula, speaking before another screaming, cheering and hollering crowd of students at Northern Michigan University.

The world was waiting for President Obama to make an important statement on the now believed resignation of Mubarak. So the leader of the free world got right to it:

“Have a seat, have a seat. It is wonderful to be here in the Upper Peninsula with so many Yoopers. (Applause.) How many of you are Green Bay fans, too? (Applause.) I’ve been seeing too many Green Bay fans lately. (Laughter.)
It is great to be here. It is great to be at Northern Michigan University. We’ve got some wonderful guests here that I just want to mention. First of all, somebody who is as good a public servant, not just good at what he does but good at heart and works tirelessly on behalf of the entire state, your senior senator, Carl Levin, is here. (Applause.) Now, his partner in the Senate could not be here because she’s actually leading a Democratic caucus retreat, but she’s been fighting for manufacturing, for broadband, for a lot of things that we’re talking about here today. So I just want to acknowledge Debbie Stabenow, who deeply cares about the work that you do up here. (Applause.)
I want to thank the great hospitality of Mayor John Kivela, who has been showing me around town. Thank you so much, Mayor Kivela. (Applause.) The President of Northern Michigan University, Dr. Les Wong, is here. (Applause.) And all of you are here. (Laughter.) And you guys are pretty special. Absolutely.

Before I begin, I just want to say that we are following today’s events in Egypt very closely…. But what is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. It’s a moment of transformation that’s taking place because the people of Egypt are calling for change.

A few hours later President Hosni Mubarak gave the big finger to the celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and to President Obama, by stating that he was not stepping down.

Now we finally understand what the White House’s WTF campaign means — certainly not Winning the Future.

Obama’s Mid-East, Muslim out reach policy is What The Fuck.

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