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On This November 2nd – Throw The Bums Out!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am really tired of the nasty, hateful and lying left, “progressives” — the Democrats, during their last few desperate weeks before the mid term elections of 2010. The Democrats have held a majority in Congress since 2006 and President Barack Obama has owned the White House some twenty-one months now.

Why should we give them any more time to really ruin this nation beyond repair? The Democrats have been the stench of the very swamp they promised to drain in 2006.

Here is the Democrat’s failed legislation:

in February 2009 they passed the $787 billion economic stimulus package to jump start economic growth, and save between 900,000 – 2.3 million jobs. The much touted “shovel ready projects” were just a myth when only last week President Obama told the New York Times that there were not any. Unemployment has held at above 9.5% with over 14 million Americans with out jobs. Reports show that 48 out of 50 states have lost jobs since the stimulus passed. On Sunday night, 60 Minutes reveals that when you take into account the underemployed as well as the unemployed, the national rate hits 17% and California a staggering 22%.

President Obama wasted a year campaigning for Obamacare and only now were are finding out what is in this failed legislation. A new study by the Lewin Group estimates that 28.6 million Americans will be eligible for a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014 at a projected cost to tax payers in excess of $110 billion. This estimate is dramatically higher (578%) than the cost of these subsidies forecast by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prior to the bill’s enactment into law. If the new estimate is correct, it would mean that instead of lowering the deficit by $143 billion over ten years—a claim widely touted by proponents of the law— the legislation would begin adding to the deficit as early as 2015, only one year after major provisions of the law go into effect.

Over the last two years there has been a relentless war being waged by the left to discredit, demean and vilify the conservative movement, the Tea Party, Republicans and any one right of center. The White House has orchestrated the attacks to distract us from the real issues that Barack Obama should have been dealing with like jobs, boosting the economy and acting Presidential.

Instead, Obama has been running from the very office he is still stumping for. On Saturday, Barack made his 300th flight on Air Force One, as he returned from a campaign stop in Minnesota. Obama has delivered 647 speeches and attended 79 Democratic Fundraisers.

That’s a lot of (empty) words in Obama’s non stop stream of verbal diarrhea; which does nothing to fix the country’s problems. Finally, the “State-run Media” (as Rush Limbaugh calls it) is now barely criticizing their chosen candidate and questioning his failed leadership.

But bad habits are hard to reform and much of the MSM is still pushing the progressive agenda of the Democratic party and the president. Just look at the pillaring of Juan Williams or the protest walk out by the ladies of “The View”. Watch Bill Maher, David Letterman, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC etc., or, if you will not throw up, NPR.

On the front page of Sunday’s, Los Angeles Times, they ran with a falsely misleading poll on the California Governor’s race between, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown and the Senate race between Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer. The Times says that Brown now has a 13 point lead over Whitman (52% – 39%) and an 8 point lead by Boxer (50% – 42%). This is a case of their editors wishing a victory for their favored Democrats, as opposed to truthfully reporting the facts and the news.

Rasmussen shows the Brown-Whitman race with only a 6 point lead and the Boxer-Fiorina race a virtual tie! Real Clear Politics confirms that, with a comparison of all the polling.

Those on the right and most independent voters have known the truth about the election of Barack Obama and this empty suit of a President with in days of his inauguration. The most accurate inside look at Obama is in Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars”.

It shows a waffling, indecisive and ball-less professorial leader, who holds hundred of hours of discussions about troop levels in Afghanistan. Obama relies more on the advice of Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod over his own hand picked experts of NSA Advisor, General James L. Jones; Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates; Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, and Commander, United States Central Command, General David H. Petraeus.

The Obama-White House mindset is mistrustful of his own military and security advisors and he continues to veer in the opposite direction of any coherent advice.

This hard left agenda is memorialized by his own Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ, by the likes of the blatant bias in the Black Panther voter intimidation case, the attempt to try the 9/11 terrorist co-conspirators in New York City and the closing of Gitmo.

Obama and the Pelosi/Reid leftists have rammed massive spending bills, Nationalized Healthcare and looming tax increases on the very people who have been saying NO. Despite the loud cries of protest and polls that show the voter’s anger, President Obama has arrogantly stuck to his agenda.

What this country needs is a fresh breath of air and the election of candidates who want to turn this disastrous ship of state from the rocks of depression towards solid job creation in the private sector. The ignition of a new manufacturing base and a stop to the elephantine growth of a super government, that only wants our money and total control.

We the people have to throw these bums out on November 2nd for the good of the country, our children and our children’s children.

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