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President Obama and Democrats Running Scared

Monday, October 11, 2010

The polls, pundits and the American people are letting President Obama and the Democrats know that there will be huge losses in the 2010 mid term elections. The White House, Barack Obama and his entire political party knows it too, but is desperately lying and demeaning the opposition in a last ditch effort to rally his shrinking base.

A disgruntled supporter threw a book at Obama and he never knew it.

Their talking points to try and scare you, is a one page piece of propaganda that you will hear Obama and his shills repeating over and over. Just yesterday in Philadelphia, Obama, two years into his election, still tries to blame Bush and the Republicans for the Democrat’s failed policies and legislation! Do not forget that the Democrats were elected to a majority to Congress in 2006!

Obama has helped to triple the deficit, stifle the private sector economic recovery and keep unemployment at 9.7%. The nation’s economic recovery is at a stand still. His party and presidency are an absolute failure and deserve to be drummed out of office.

Obama’s administration is in total disarray as they desert the White House like proverbial rats leaving a sinking ship.

Greg Craig, White House Counsel, resigned in November 2009. Peter Orszag, Office of Management and Budget Director, left June 2010. Larry Summers, National Economic Council Director, will be leaving after the November elections. Christina Romer, Council of Economic Advisers Chair left a few weeks ago. Mark Lippert, Deputy National Security Adviser, left in October 2009. Ellen Moran, Communications Director, left in April 2009. Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, resigned to run for Mayor of Chicago. General James Jones, National Security Adviser, resigned and was replaced by a total idiot, Tom Donilon, his former deputy.

The hand writing is on the wall; get the Democrats out of Washington and do not re-elect Barack Obama.

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