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Idiot Alert — When News Anchors Talk Like Experts

Saturday, February 27, 2010

They are at it again; Rick Sanchez of CNN, Julie Banderas and Gregg Jarrett of Fox News giving us “facts” made up of whole cloth. Whenever a disaster strikes expect these talking heads to blabber and spout nothing but their own sense of the scene with no science or real expert knowledge. These idiots are spreading all the wrong information with great self importance. This time it’s all about the devastating earthquake in Chile and the resulting Tsunami warnings.

Tsunami Watch

Live shots from Hawaii are focused on the beaches anticipating the “killer wave” as if we are waiting for the launch of the shuttle. The islands of Hawaii practice monthly Tsunami warnings with ear piercing sirens. Right now as the wave approaches the sirens are going off every ten minutes.

The dumb-speak from these television anchors is really the fault of the live desk news producers who have no clue of which experts to get on air to give us some real science and truthful reporting.

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