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Brown Vs Coakely: Now is the Winter of our Discontent

Monday, January 18, 2010

“Now is the Winter of our Discontent”, an apt phrase from William Shakespeare’s Richard III, written in 1591, depicting the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard III of England.

Barack Obama and Democrats take note as the voters in Massachusetts are about to drastically alter your faux mantle of “Hope and Change.” Oh how the mighty have fallen since their strut of self-righteousness from November of 2006 to their super-majority earned in the election of ’08.

Scott Brown campaigns at the Kenmore Diner in Worcester, Mass., Sunday. Robert F. Bukaty / AP

This is not just a referendum on Obamacare or a fight for Teddy Kennedy’s former senate seat, but a vote of no confidence in the entire Democratic agenda. The anger is palpable and they are frustrated over the failure of Barack Obama as President, to effectively turn the economy around, increase employment and stop the reckless spending by our government.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll from Sunday says, “Nearly half of all Americans say Obama is not delivering on his major campaign promises, and a narrow majority have just some or no confidence that he will make the right decisions for the country’s future.

More than a third see the president as falling short of their expectations, about double the proportion saying so at the 100-day mark of Obama’s presidency in April. At the time, 63 percent said the president had accomplished a “great deal” or a “good amount.” Now, the portion saying so has dropped to 47 percent.”

Even the much respected and Democrat leaning say Coakely will lose. “If the electorate which turns out tomorrow is this indifferent about Obama, I have little doubt that Coakley is headed for defeat. But I think we have to place into context just how lopsided turnout would be if indeed we see an electorate that is split 44/43 on Obama.

Obama carried Massachusetts by 26 points in November 2008. (His approval among registered voters there also appeared to be about +24 as of November 2009). So, if Democrats suffered from the same turnout gap in Massachusetts that they had in Virginia (which was billed as catastrophic at the time), Obama would be at a +17 or so. Instead, you have several pollsters showing him at a +1 or a +5 — which would imply a turnout gap of 20 or 25 points, more than twice as bad as the one Democrats suffered from in VA.”

The White House and Democrats are so fearful of loosing their  60 seat filibuster-proof majority, that Obama gave up playing golf and dropped in for a few hours at a Sunday Martha Coakely rally. His speech was all about himself and when he did attack Scott Brown, Obama’s elitist principles were in the fore.

Brown has made campaigning in his old pickup truck a signature of who he represents. Obama mentioned Brown’s truck a lot in his speech, “You’ve got to look under the hood,” “Forget the truck. Everybody can buy a truck.”

Mr President, Scott Brown is driving a GM truck and as Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit points out,

“Maybe Obama forgot that the US now OWNS General Motors.
You’d think he’d want Americans to “Buy GM” not “Bash GM”?
You’d think.”

President Obama, like all the Democrats and especially Martha Coakely are sadly out of touch with the people. Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts will send a loud message to Obama. We’re coming for you and don’t get too comfortable in the White House, because you will be packing up and leaving come January 21st, 2013.

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