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Obama: “I’m just getting started” — Nine Months Later

Friday, October 16, 2009

President Obama is certainly not talking about campaigning. Obama has been on a permanent campaign since he announced way back in 2007, and don’t expect him to ever stop  — because that is all he can do. Speechifying is his best asset, then put downs, insults and smirking. Being Presidential and leading this nation — forget about it.

What bothers me most about Mr. Hope and Change is the fact that he has not done any thing he promised to “change” in Washington. Obama’s statements about “transparency”, “no lobbyists”, being able to read the bills for “five days” prior to signing have all been forgotten.

Obama in San Francisco, pitching for Nancy Pelosi

Obama in San Francisco, pitching for Nancy Pelosi

The White House is being run Chicago-style by his henchman, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. It’s nasty, petty, finger pointing ugliness. They believe they are above criticism and responsibility, no rules apply.

Obama made his first visit to New Orleans since being elected, a brief four hours. Naturally he blamed Bush and promised to help rebuild, but not a word about Mississippi, where Katrina made landfall. Then he was off to what really counted, a twin Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco. Obama raised $3 million dollars for the DNC by spouting, “When I’m busy, and Nancy’s busy, with a mop cleaning up somebody else’s mess, we don’t want somebody sitting back.” “Grab a mop. We need help.”

Obama bragged that his (actually Pelosi’s) $780 billion Stimulus bill has saved jobs. In November 2008, Barack Obama promised to “create or save” 2.5 million jobs. Today the White House said that 30,383 jobs were saved-or-created thanks to $16 billion in federal contracts. Costing about $527,000 per job!

California with one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates of  12.22% “created or saved” only 2260 jobs. While Colorado, well below the national average at 7.34%, “created or saved” 4695 jobs. All the details are here at Recovery.Gov

Obviously Obama and the Democrats go for political payoffs first, above the nation’s interest.

Obama then touted how he has begun a new era of engagement. Among his accomplishments, he said, are efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and work with other countries to stem the global economic downturn and confront climate change. “We banned torture,” he continued. “We’re closing Guantanamo. We’re rebuilding our military. We’re reaffirming our alliances. We are drawing down responsibly and ending the war in Iraq.”

Like I said, he’s in 24/7 campaign mode, with no achievements or a realized agenda. Except one, he won the Nobel Peace prize. The Nobel committee voted on this only twelve days after his inauguration — obviously because he got elected and promised world peace.

Don’t hold your breath folks. Obama is all talk and no action. As they say in Texas, he is “All hat and no cattle.”

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