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One Step Closer To Obamacare

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Senate Finance Committee voted to send its version of the healthcare  legislation to the Senate floor today. The committee voted 14-9 in favor of the package. Republican, Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, broke with her party to support the bill. All 13 Democrats on the panel voted in favor of it, while the rest of the Republicans opposed it. Now is the time to burn those phone lines in Washington!

The Senate Finance Committee’s hearing on health care legislation. Harry Hamburg/Associated Press

The Senate Finance Committee’s hearing on health care legislation. Harry Hamburg/Associated Press

Our Congress is attempting to ram this bill down our throats without any one being able to read the bill’s language. You must contact your senators and insist that we see the full text of the bill before any vote is taken. The U.S. Capitol Switchboard:  202 224-3121. Here is the online Congressional Directory: Congress Merge

My anger over this new proposed entitlement program is the fact that we cannot pay for it and my personal experience of living in Canada under its government run program. The U.S. plan will mean higher taxes for ALL and rationing of care. There is no way around it and it will not be free as Obama and Congress pretend.

Read The Disaster of Obamacare and the Showdown on Cloture by Hugh Hewitt.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will use every Constitutional run around they can to get this passed and signed into law by Obama. Then they will trumpet this as their banner to try and use it in the elections of 2010 and 2012.

The one caveat is that the proposed legislation will not become law until 2013! That is because it will fail and it will be long after the elections before the people can vote against those that brought it into being.

Call those bastards in Washington now!

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