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Ted Kennedy Dead, Age 77, Kepechne’s Soul Set Free

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking: 08/25/09 Senator Ted Kennedy died shortly before midnight at his home in Hyannis Port. President Obama missed cashing in on another photo-op. It looks very likely that Kennedy’s dream of socialized medicine will never come to fruition as the Democrats stumble and drop the football.

Ted Kennedy Murdered Mary Jo Kepechne 40 Years Ago Today

On a hot summer night, 40 years ago on Chappaquiddick Island, Ted Kennedy 37, murdered 29 year old Mary Jo Kepechne in a driving mishap after leaving a party. Most likely drunk when he drove off Dike Bridge, into Poucha Pond. Teddy managed to free himself from his 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88, which landed upside down. He never dove back into the water to search or try to rescue Mary Jo.

Crime scene, Poucha Pond and Rose Kennedy's Olds

Crime scene, Poucha Pond and Rose Kennedy's Olds

“He claimed he called out for Kopechne several times and rested for fifteen minutes until deciding to walk back to the party. On his walk back to the party, he passed several houses with telephones but he did not summon help.

He eventually fell asleep in a hotel room and later woke up but did not immediately contact the police, but instead had a casual conversation with someone about sailing. It was not until after the dead body of Kopechne had been discovered that Kennedy went to a police station.” (Remembering Ted Kennedy’s drive on Chappaquiddick 40 years ago today)

Ted Kennedy should have been charged with manslaughter, tried, convicted and thrown in prison.  The career of the “Lion of the Senate” would have ended right there and America would be much better off.

When President Obama visited the Pope on July 10th, he had the audacity to ask Pope Benedict XVI to pray for the health of an ailing Ted Kennedy. The Pope should have told Barack that Kennnedy would be going to Hell and instead he would pray for the soul of Mary Jo Kepechne.

Obama, like Ted Kennedy, uses religion as a sham to win popular appeal. Hypocrites, liars and murders do not deserve our respect.

Rest easy Mary Jo and know that Ted Kennedy will be dead from brain cancer very soon.

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  1. sapprodigy permalink
    Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:05 am

    Rest in Peace now Mary Jo


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