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Mayor Villaraigosa Can’t Keep Himself Out Of The News-casters

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mayor Villar, formerly known as Villaraigosa – the created name of his and his now ex-wife,  can’t seem to keep his name out of the news. Villar has once again hooked up with a local Los Angeles television Newscaster.

Villariagosa is getting into the news -- once again. This time it's Lu Parker

Villariagosa is getting into the news -- once again. This time it's Lu Parker

The Los Angeles Times says he is dating Lu Parker of KTLA Channel 5 since March. It was only two years ago that Villaraigosa’s affair with Telemundo KVEA-TV Channel 52 reporter and anchor Mirthala Salinas created a firestorm of publicity that tainted his first term in office.

Villar then divorced his wife, but kept her name.

I won’t waste much on this scumbag of a Mayor, who is a Democrat and only works for the taxpayers of Los Angeles, 11% of the time. The rest of it is spent travelling to fundraisers, mostly out of the state of California.

Tony Villar’s run for Governor of California is finished — now if only the Feds can pin corruption charges on him, then maybe we can be rid of him and put him in jail, where he really belongs.

See what the Los Angeles Times says here.

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