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5.0 Earthquake — Los Angeles — Let The Shaking Begin

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I heard it first, before I felt it. A low, growing rumble, like a truck bearing down on you and then the floor begins to shake. In the West Hollywood/Hollywood area it was not strong.

I am linked via email to the USGS and within seconds I saw that it had a preliminary magnitude of 4.7, centered 1 mile SSE of Inglewood. First upgraded to a 5.0, then down graded back to 4.7.  That’s not a great earthquake, but sizable enough for one to consider that this is a fore-shock to a greater event.

5.0 Earthquake, Los Angeles at 20:39:36

5.0 Earthquake, Los Angeles at 20:39:36

I immediately put on my hard soled shoes, grabbed my cell phone, wallet, cash and keys — just in case.

Now I’m glued to the radio and television hearing all the reports. Looks like no major damage or injuries.

Sooner than later Los Angeles will have the “Big One”, this city and state is really not fully prepared for a major disaster. Everyone will have to be prepared and on their own for possibly three days.

One consolation, no one can blame Bush or Cheney when it does hit.

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