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Barack Obama: USA Will Grovel and be Obsequious to the Rest of World

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Apologist-in-Chief is barn storming Europe bowing and scraping before the world’s leaders. How in hell could this country elect such a disgrace and embarrassment to the Presidency of the United States?

In statement after statement and speech after speech, Obama can only say “Sorry”. Sorry for what? We liberated Europe and sacrificed thousands of our bravest men and woman in doing it. We have spent billions of dollars to rebuild these nations and still have thousands of soldiers and equipment on their soil, ready to defend them again.

Obama bows deeply to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Obama bows deeply to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

UPDATE: This is a must read: “Did Obama check his bow to Abdullah? – UPDATES!”

Our nation is the first to be there in a disaster and our Army, Navy and Air Force defends the entire planet. Our way of life, prosperity and freedom is the envy of the world.

But not to Barack Obama. President Obama is waving the white flag as he sends a taped message to Iran, a letter to Russia, high level talks with Syria and billions to Hamas. He is rushing to pull America back from being a world leader to a banana republic.

The “War on Terror” is now called “Overseas Contingency Operations” and the word “Terrorist” is now changed to “Man Created Disaster”. Not only is this dangerous but it is an attempt to pretend that all of the terror inflicted on Americans over the last 40 years has been a mirage.

While Kim Jong Il threatens to launch a long range missile from North Korea all Obama will do is register a firm protest with the United Nations!  Instead of destroying the Taliban and freeing everyone in Afghanistan he wants to have a dialogue with their “moderate” factions — who don’t exist? Read “Taliban Flog 17 Year-Old Girl in Public”.

Today, while in France, Obama apologized for liberating Iraq. “We got sidetracked by Iraq and we have not fully recovered that initial insight that we have a mutual interest in ensuring that organizations like al-Qaida cannot operate,”

Obama wants to turn the U.S.A. into a copy of a Socialist Democrat country in Europe. Obama’s budget has the largest spending of all the President’s combined. Our deficit will immediately zoom to 1.85 trillion, four times what it was in 2008! He wants to Nationalize Healthcare and bring in Cap and Trade.

Obama selfishly touts a one world order as he turns his gaze to Europe and steps all over the Constitution and the citizens of this great land. Watch out America, Obama is a great danger to the future success of this nation as well as our freedom.

Here is the perfect illustration of the profound differences between Obama, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. (From Good Richard’s Alamanac)



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  1. Saturday, April 4, 2009 8:06 am

    It is not only what one sees, but also what one does NOT see. I do not see any other individual bowing before King Abdullah. I couldn’t help but wonder what protocol is for these situations so I did some checking and came across this quote from a Barbara Walter’s interview with King Abdullah (link to transcript –>

    ABDULLAH: “I have tremendous distaste for such matters because I believe that one only bows before one’s God, not before another human being.”

    So the question arises: Was Obama’s bow simply a sign of respect, or was it a sign of submission from our Commander in Chief? If the former, then Obama obviously was not aware of King Abdullah’s opinion in regards to one bowing before another human being. If the latter, then our nation is truly in more trouble than I even previously thought.



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