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It’s Earth Hour And All My Lights Are On

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It 8:30 PM in Los Angeles, Earth Hour — and all my lights, my television, radio and my computer are on! I’m celebrating my freedom and the incredible technological advances of mankind. The Obama administration, the Democrats and all the green nut jobs out there are trying to control every aspect of my life.

View of the United States from outer space living free

View of North America from outer space living free

Screw them!  You see once they get that promised “smart grid” then the federal government is going to control your use of electricity, when you can use it and how much. They are also proposing the monitoring of all your driving. Then with “Cap and Trade” they will control all industrial emissions and raise your utility bills sky high. Do you like it so far?

Europe has rigid regulations to curb carbon gases and massive consumer costs to go  along with it. German homeowners pay 25 percent more for electricity than they did before — even as their utility companies earn record profits.

Consider the plight of Kollo Holding’s factory in the Netherlands. Electricity prices are so high that the factory routinely shuts down for part of the day to save money on power. Although demand for its products is strong, the plant has laid off 40 of its 130 employees and trimmed production. Two customers have turned to cheaper imports from China, which is not covered by Europe’s costly regulations. Read “Europe’s Problems Color U.S. Plans to Curb Carbon Gases”.

So keep your lights on – I’m not giving up my freedom and don’t give up yours. Stop the Obama Socialist agenda. I did not vote for him and certainly don’t want my country changed for the worse.

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