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Senate Votes To Destroy U.S. Jobs

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your U.S. elitist Senators selfishly voted today to destroy job opportunities for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. In a surprise move, Sen. Patrick Leahy motioned to table Sen. Sessions’ E-Verify Amendment, and the motion passed by a narrow margin, 50-47.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

Amendment #604 was in favor of extending E-Verify for 5 years and was part of the “Omnibus Spending Bill” H.R. 1105. Sen. Harry Reid has been working very hard to eliminate the E-Verify program over the last year and it will now expire Sep. 30, 2009.

Here are the names of the Senators who voted to stop the E-Verify Amendment.

Let them know how you feel about this pandering to the Illegal Immigration lobby:

Akaka (HI)

Begich (AK)

Bennet, M. (CO)

Bingaman (NM)

Boxer (CA)

Brown (OH)

Burris (IL)

Byrd (WV)

Cantwell (WA)

Cardin (MD)

Carper (DE)

Casey (PA)

Conrad (ND)

Dodd (CT)

Dorgan (ND)

Durbin (IL)

Feingold (WI)

Feinstein (CA)

Gillibrand (NY)

Hagan (NC)

Harkin (IA)

Inouye (HI)

Johnson (SD)

Kaufman (DE)

Kerry (MA)

Kohl (WI)

Landrieu (LA)

Lautenberg (NJ)

Leahy (NH)

Levin (MI)

Lieberman (CT)

Lincoln (AR)

Menendez (NJ)

Merkley (OR)

Mikulski (MD)

Murray (WA)

Nelson, Bill (FL)

Pryor (AR)

Reed (RI)

Reid (NV)

Rockefeller (WV)

Sanders (VT)

Schumer (NY)

Shaheen (NH)

Stabenow (MI)

Udall, M. (CO)

Udall, T. (NM)

Warner (VA)

Whitehouse (RI)

Wyden (OR)

The left continues to destroy this country. Let’s stand up and stop them now.

Posted: 1800PT  03/10/09


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