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Obama: Here – There – Everywhere

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Beatles sang it;

“We’ll be there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere”

President Obama is living it. Without including all his faux speechifying from “The Office of President Elect”, Obama has made at least nine major speeches since his inauguration. But that is the tip of the television iceberg — He has already made three speeches this week so far and expect another one tomorrow when he unveils his budget.

More speeches than there are stars in heaven

More speeches than there are stars in heaven

In reality Obama has made some kind of announcement or speech every working day of his 37 days in office. Is he still campaigning or leading?

I am getting very tired of seeing his mug at least once a day where he scolds us, lectures us, talks down to us and promises another billion or trillion dollar government spendulus bill.

David Axelrod is definitely orchestrating this blitzkrieg of media over-exposure. It’s a race to be seen and be doing something, anything over his first 100 days.

Don’t ask if it is good for the country, because as far as Obma is concerned it’s all about change. Unfortunately the changes he will bring, will turn this country back seventy years to an era of nothing but entitlements all on the backs of citizens earning more than $250,000 a year.

The more we hear Obama speak, the more we are lulled into his sense of false hope and lies, yes lies.

Obama has preached to us about fiscal responsibility and falsely said the stimulus and spending bills have “No ear marks, No Pork”. Read Michelle Malkin’s “9,000 earmarks in the $410 billion omnibus spending bill.”

Barack Obama, as President is doing exactly what he did for two years on the campaign trail — He’s keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit because he thinks you and I are just mushrooms.

Posted: 1915PT 02/25/09


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