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L.A. Area 5.0 Earthquake — Riding It Out

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well that was interesting. I’m sitting at my desk net surfing and I feel a small rolling effect – I know it’s an earthquake. The chair ripples, the desk shakes and you hear the building rattle and creak. It was a quick one, not too strong — the epicenter is over 55 miles away. I get emails from the USGS of all earthquake activity.


Whenever an earthquake of any magnitude strikes you never know if it is a fore-shock of a much bigger event. The first thing I did was put on my running shoes and grab my emergency earthquake kit. It’s good for 3 days of survival – call me paranoid — but I’m happier being safer than sorry.

Just been downgraded to a 4.5 — that’s nothing for So-Cal standards. Here is what the (soon to be out of business) Los Angeles Times had to say here.

Posted: 2023PT  01/08/09


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