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Barack Obama Is President Elect — So What Now

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Barack Obama won solidly in his run for President of the United States. He now has a 72 day Honeymoon before his Inauguration. I wish him good luck — he will need all of it after January 20th, 2009.

On Tuesday night after McCain conceded the race, filming on our set stopped dead to watch Obama’s speech in Grant Park. The next day some of the actors were wildly cheering his historic victory.


It seemed as though the rancor had ended with the election. But I was wrong.

Within hours there were more snide, ugly and sexist comments about Sarah Palin. The anger towards Republicans, Bush, Cheney and Rove have not stopped — despite winning a majority.

What is it about Democrats and the left that allows them to be so bitter and angry with their success?

The left will tell you how they are for equality.

In the primaries they first demeaned and trashed their own candidate, Hillary Clinton and then set their aim on Sarah Palin. So being a Democrat means you can be a sexist pig while accusing any one who seriously questions Barack Obama of being a racist. Hypocrites to the end.

Meanwhile Barack Obama who claims to be an agent of “change” has a plethora of former Clinton employees working on his Transition Committee.

  • John Podesta, Transition Chairman was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.
  • Carol Browner, Clinton’s EPA Administrator.
  • Federico Pena, Clinton’s Secretary of Transportation and of Energy.
  • Bill Daley, Clinton’s former Secretary of Commerce and the brother of the Mayor of Chicago.
  • Larry Summers, Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Susan Rice, Assistant Secretary of State under Clinton.
  • Stephanie Cutter, brash and combative former Clinton, Kerry, and Ted Kennedy mouthpiece.
  • Rahm Emmanuel, the new White House Chief of Staff — a former Clinton White House staffer.


Obama seems to need every Beltway insider he can find. He successfully utilized the Chicago Political Machine — he’s now about to try and manipulate the Washington Machine.

So much for his new brand of politics.

Posted 2150PT 11/09/08


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