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Democrats Watch “Hope & Change” Sinking Fast

Sunday, September 14, 2008

With only seven and a half weeks to go to election day the Democrats and the hard Left are watching “the one we have been waiting for” — Barack Obama sink fast in the polls. Obama is very close to loosing this election — one that was predicted to be a Democratic rout.

Today’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows John McCain reaching the 50% level of support for the first time since Barack Obama wrapped up the Democratic Presidential Nomination. McCain retains a three-point advantage for the third straight day, 50% to 47%.

So what’s going wrong for Obama? — Everything

  • Voters are tired of hearing his long winded rhetorical rants with no specifics.
  • Obama promises too much and his lack of real executive experience is his greatest weakness.
  • We are winning in Iraq and Obama can’t stand it!
  • Baracks Energy Policy sucks.
  • Obama can’t answer a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question without a 50 word answer.
  • Obama’s entitlement give aways will cripple the nation.
  • Obama’s Tax Plan will also cripple the nation.

Sarah Palin has put Obama’s experience factor front and center. The MSM are desperately trying to out do the left rant blogs by belittling, smearing and scandalizing her. But to no avail.

Lately they keep trying to say she supported “The Bridge To Nowhere” — but The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) prove just the opposite.

Sarah Palin has been a Mayor and a Governor and has actually run something. Where as Obama has been a community organizer, State Senator and U.S. Senator and done nothing more than run for President.

Obama and his campaign surrogates have spent the last two weeks attacking the Republican number 2 choice, instead of John McCain. This has helped Palin and McCain.

Palin has certainly lit a fire under the Republican base and swung many of the undecided and independents her way. I too had reservations about voting for John McCain. Sarah Palin and her no nonsense, kick their butt style of governing has me convinced.

A lot can still happen between now and November 4th — But first there are the debates:

  • September 26: First Presidential Debate in Oxford, Mississippi at the University of Mississippi on Foreign Policy & National Security. The debate will be formatted into nine nine-minute segments, with the moderator introducing the topics.
  • October 2: Vice Presidential Debate in St. Louis, Missouri at Washington University in St. Louis. The format and issues have not been decided.
  • October 7: Second Presidential Debate in Nashville, Tennessee at Belmont University. It will have a town meeting format and will include any issues raised by members of the audience.
  • October 15: Third Presidential Debate in Hempstead, New York at Hofstra University on Domestic and Economic Policy. This debate will also be formatted into nine nine-minute segments, with the moderator introducing the topics.

I think McCain will do even better than expected against the long-winded one and Sarah Palin will wipe the floor with nasty old Joe Biden.

The Democrats could very well loose the White House again — boy will they be pissed.

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Posted: 2105PT 09/14/08


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  1. Monday, September 15, 2008 1:32 am

    I supported both candidates at one time, because lets face it…we’re going to get a better public speaker regardless. And, I actually supported mccain back when he was going against bush in the primaries. But now that Palin is on board…I can’t wait to cast my vote for Obama.

    Palin is terrible. She sucks up to Hilary supporters like crazy. She must think that women are sheep that will follow any ol’ chick. You really think she’s more qualified than Obama? She ‘ran’ a tiny town. I used to live in a small town, not that impressive. She then fired anyone of influence in the town that opposed her! And then governor of Alaska…wooohooo. again, not impressive. (not trying to bash the state itself)

    She’s a small-time governor trying to bash a senator for lack of experience? Since when did governor make you a better candidate? I guess McCain, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Truman, etc shouldn’t be fit to be labeled president. Obama was helping communities when she was trying to figure out how to better her entertainment career.
    Obama is great, don’t be afraid of him. Of course his speeches become long rants when you don’t like what he’s saying. We’re winning in Iraq? sweet…that took about 4 years longer than WWII! What about Bin Laden…Afganistan…shut up.

    Plus, Palin is too conservative for her own good. She’s only for teaching abstinence in schools…that worked out well for your daughter right? i could go on about the other stuff she is anti- but i’ve written enough for a comment.

  2. cmblake6 permalink
    Friday, September 19, 2008 6:05 pm

    Not only POTUS, but any other seats in Congress we can regain are vital. We MUST VOTE. The Democrats are ruining us fiscally, their “compromise bill” on drilling is a total fraud and they know it. It was done to make it LOOK like they were doing something, while knowing what they were allowing(and banning) would be approval of a waste of time and money. The oil we need is within the limits they prohibit, and they know it. This has got to stop, or our nation will fold.

  3. Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:26 pm

    I fail to understand you on a number of points:
    You haven’t criticized Palin based on actual performance or ability, but rather attacked her on rather insubstantial issues.

    1. Alaska may have a small population, but it isn’t the smallest in the state -imagine someone ciritcizing a liberal running from Vermont as coming from small time state ‘wooohooo.’

    2. The war against terror can not be compared to WWII -the war there (which in terms of cost of American lives was exponentially greater -I shiver to think what would have happened to the world has we had the same defeatist mentality that we have now) was one on western grounds against a Western enemy, the current war in Iraq is one against a completely different type of of people -it would behoove us to realize that.

    3. Palin’s ‘conservativeness’ should be judged against the actions of her daughter? Since when should the ideals of the parents be judged against the choices of their children? Please.

  4. Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:58 pm

    Well mottel, its hard to criticize when there is no performance to judge. Hey, I’d be right there questioning a democrat or independant that came from a small background too.

    WWII, yeah…a bit different, we had people doing their jobs in office then, not just trying to get re-elected. But don’t kid yourself to think that it’s a different kind of enemy. Kamikaze pilots are the same kind of people that strap bombs to themselves. Maybe if we had a good plan for attack (maybe concentrated on idk AFGANISTAN where we started and then ignored) this wouldn’t be such a big deal 7 years later.

    And back to Palin…really? you really believe she’s the best choice to actually be VP?

    Sorry Republicans…you had 8 years…they have been terrible, give it a try in 2012.

  5. Sunday, September 21, 2008 9:28 am

    We’re not talking suicide bombers here, we’re talking Jihad. We’re talking about a people that have a very different world outlook from us. What we are dealing with is a religious fervor (which scares the bejeebus out of Dems. when it comes from the Evangelists, but it is accepted and encouraged when it comes from the Salafists) that goes far beyond the cult of personality that led Nazi Germany. The sooner we realize that we are dealing with a culture that is fundamentally alien to Western standards, the sooner we can start winning this war. There can be no true reform in the Middle East if we try to port Americanisms (or if you so choose, refined French Culture) to them -those are the very things they hate us for. We could pound the entire middle east into the ground, it wouldn’t help us . . .

    I think that Palin has a fighting spirit and an ethic that is lacking from the entire Democratic party -she’s actually proud to be an American. If anything, the question of Palin’s validity for the VP slot is to be asked solely by the Republicans -the Obamaniks have already shown their willingness to cast their lot to an ill experienced demagogue for the position of Commander in Chief, why should a VP that is of the ‘same’ type of background be any different?
    The Democrats have had their time for power as well -look at the mess the economy is in from our wonderful Democratic controlled congress!

  6. Thursday, October 9, 2008 8:19 am

    It’s easy to cast blame on the economy into the laps of the democratic congress…now that the Repugs have raped the free world of cash – due in large part to an Unjust war on a country that had nothing to do with 911 and a Republican administartion that has proven beyond any doubt of minimal intellegence that they lied and mislead the American public.
    Dems – love America as much as any other – they just don’t like to be lied to…
    All be Palins loyalities aside…she is not competent in dealing with International affairs…and the world will NOT accept a womans authourity where it matters most – in the most sensitively political areas…we need to keep our arragance in check – That’s the mess that has us in the predictament we are in Now.
    Patritisim aside…Americans need to stop showing how IGNORANT we are by continuing to elect those who are only for their parties interest….THIS is the UNITED STATES – of the People of AMERICA…not the people of any specific party.
    I’ll vote for Donald Duck before I would sell out my country to an emotionally unstable meglomaniac – AMERICA is great…we just need to purge it of the evil that has been running it for the past 8-12 years…….


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