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Obama Accepts Nomination With Empty Words And High Cost

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In front of a crowd of Democrats, Barack Obama accepted his party’s nomination for President. Once again it was filled with rhetoric and platitudes but very short on policy. America still does not really know what his message of change means — accept it will cost us a lot more for it. (Full Text here)

“Now, many of these plans will cost money, which is why I’ve laid out how I’ll pay for every dime – by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don’t help America grow. But I will also go through the federal budget, line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less – because we cannot meet twenty-first century challenges with a twentieth century bureaucracy.”

“As President, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I’ll help our auto companies re-tool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America. I’ll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars. And I’ll invest 150 billion dollars over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy – wind power and solar power and the next generation of biofuels; an investment that will lead to new industries and five million new jobs that pay well and can’t ever be outsourced.”

“I’ll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries and give them more support.”

“Now is the time to change our bankruptcy laws, so that your pensions are protected ahead of CEO bonuses; and the time to protect Social Security for future generations.”

“And now is the time to keep the promise of equal pay for an equal day’s work, because I want my daughters to have exactly the same opportunities as your sons.”

Obama’s costly entitlements and hand outs will be our burden for decades to come. Once again a Democratic Presidential candidate promising the moon but delivering a lump of coal.

If you listen carefully to Obama’s words you will see that he preaches Marxism and Socialism. He wants government to control how much you and corporations earn. He wants to redistribute wealth and control every facet of your lives — just like Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Fidel Castro. Is this the change you really want?

The Washington Times in “Obama votes cast him left of his own party”, says, “Sen. Barack Obama will portray himself Thursday night as an agent of change for mainstream America, but his eight-year voting record in the Illinois Senate shows the Democrat was on occasion an agent of isolation who took stands – particularly on anti-crime legislation – that put him to the left of his own party.”

So he spoke once again before an adoring crowd of devotees in front of a a set designed to look like a Grecian Temple.

The New York Post reports that the set was designed by Bobby Allen, who built Britney Spears last concert sets.“We’ve done Britney’s sets and a whole bunch of rock shows, but this was far more elaborate and complicated and we had to do it in far less time,” said Allen, of RDA Entertainment.

I’m waiting for the real campaign to start — where I hear how Obama answers tough questions on how he will lead. Crunch time is coming and we’ll finally see if he can walk all this talk.

Posted: 2040PT 08/28/08


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