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Jesse Jackson Wants Barack Obama’s “Nuts”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Reverend Jesse Jackson desperately tried to get ahead of his “hot mic” comments at a news conference today. On a break during a Sunday show on Fox News, Jackson whispered to another guest that Barack Obama is “talking down to black people” and “I want to cut his nuts off.”

Jackson claimed that he didn’t know his microphone was on. Well he’s lying and feigning ignorance. Jesse Jackson was the host of a CNN show called “Both Sides with Jesse Jackson.” He knows all about being on television and saying stupid things both off and on the air.

Let’s not forget that Jesse was caught in 1984 when he referred to NYC as “Hymietown” in an “off-the-record” conversation with reporters. When he was initially called to task for this anti-Semitic remark he flatly denied having ever said it.

Jackson is a disgrace to the civil rights movement and everything he claims to represent.

Talking about getting ‘caught’, on January 18th of 2001, Jackson asked for forgiveness after acknowledging that he had an extramarital affair with a woman who worked in the Washington office of Jackson’s advocacy group, the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition. That affair resulted in the birth of a daughter.

“I fully accept responsibility and I am truly sorry for my actions,” Jackson said in a written statement. “I was born of these circumstances,” said Jackson, himself born out of wedlock, “and I know the importance of growing up in a nurturing, supportive and protected environment so I am determined to give my daughter and her mother the privacy they both deserve.”

Jesse Jackson sets a great example doesn’t he?

He’s such a pious man that in August 1998 he went to the White House to pray with Clinton’s family after Clinton admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky in a nationally televised speech, to the nation.

Clinton, later awarded Jackson the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. At that time, Jackson lavished praise on his wife, Jackie, and his five children for supporting him in his long civil rights career.

The sad irony is, on Wednesday, Jackson had that other disgrace, Al Sharpton on every cable channel possible, spinning the topic away from what Jesse said, to how great a person Jackson really is.

Al Sharpton is an anti-Semite too. He incited anti-Jewish violence in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in 1991 and in Harlem in 1995. In the latter incident he encouraged the explicitly anti-Semitic boycott and picketing of a Jewish-owned store named “Freddy’s.” Eight employees of the store were killed in a fire started by one of Sharpton’s followers. That’s Civil Rights in action isn’t it!

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two buffoons and deserve no respect and especially no TV face time.

But at least you should see the video:

Posted: 2345PT 07/09/08


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  1. Lee permalink
    Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:50 am

    We should all chip in to buy Jesse a small pair of clippers … after which, he’d have a couple of little items to raffle off in the next Obama fund raiser. We need a President with BIG KAHONIES … elect Senator John McCain President in November.

  2. Friday, July 11, 2008 2:56 pm

    Does this mean that Mr. Himeytown will not be in BHO’s cabinet. I was not shocked by the statement, but I was surprised he ended his sentence with the preposition “off”. Shouldn’t it be “I want to cut off his nuts”?


  1. Jesse Jackson Wants Barack Obama’s “Nuts” : PORT☆CITY☆UNDERGROUND

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