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Obama Proves He Is A Typical Politician

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My first reaction is what took him so long to finally resign his membership from the Trinity United Church. If he were a great typical politician — he would have resigned from the church six months prior to running for President. But Obama’s arrogance is so great he really can’t believe he should be scrutinized at all.

He stood there at his press conferance still defending his church and Reverend Wright and Moss — but stated he’s resigning from the church because, well it’s just not helping his campaign. That’s it — a typical political move but proving once again he lacks the clear judgement to lead our nation.

Did you hear that Democrats? Your vaunted messiah is a phony — but you knew that already and just want to hear his benign phrases to lull you to sleep. Do you really believe this inept but calculating individual can lead the United States to greatness?

Obama will continue to weave and bob, lie and obfuscate to get elected and then take this nation down the road of socialism.

Beware — he is no good for the country — but you already know that and still want him to be president. You Democrats are filled with too much guilt and anger.

The chickens will definitely come home to roost this November.

Photo: AP

Posted: 1720PT 05/31/08


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  1. Thursday, June 5, 2008 11:02 am

    They’ve (the Dems) have really screwed themselves…and ba da da ta ta I’m lovin’ it!

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