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Obama: More Endorsements – Castro, Ahmadinejad, Ahmed Yousef, Hugo Chavez, Farrakhan

Thursday, May 29, 2008

UPDATE: 6/23/08 Let’s add the name of another terrorist thug endorsing Barack Obama: Kim Jong-il, President of North Korea. (link here)

While Obama states that the Democratic race for the nomination will be decided (in his favor) in six days — he keeps racking up a long list of endorsements from terrorists, lunatics and racists.

Obama’s campaign keeps trying to negate them — but the message here is undeniable — if elected the terrorist states will be celebrating his victory.

Barack Obama will be a Jimmy Carter redux — it will seem like we’ve time travelled back to 1977.

Fidel Castro, wrote in a column for Cuba’s Granma newspaper Monday that Obama is “the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency.”

In mid-April, Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef told WorldNetDaily that “We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Spain’s El Pais newspaper he didn’t believe Obama would be elected, but that he wouldn’t have a problem meeting with him if he were.

Also the positive words from the New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

On March 25, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told foreign correspondents that relations with Washington, D.C, would worsen if McCain were elected. So I guess he’s endorsing Obama too.

It’s very clear that Obama is a left-wing elitist candidate and America will wake sometime after January 2009 with a very bad case of voter-remorse. Wasn’t one Jimmy Carter enough?

Photo: AP

Posted: 1335PT 05/29/08


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  1. fern permalink
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 1:33 pm

    Left-wing: Right-wing is to blame. Right-wing:Left-wing is to blame. Fact: both sides have played a role is screwing up the the country. If one side was better for the country than the other wouldn’t that side consistently win elections? The diversity of this country is amazing. Unfortunately, it also leads to extremist on both sides often blaming the other for everything that is wrong in the America. Come November the country (those who choose to vote) will decide, not polls or focus groups, will decide who will be the President. What is guaranteed is that who ever wins will be blamed for what is going wrong.

  2. pjmartin permalink
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:34 pm

    The far left which endorses Barrack Hussein Obama doesnt mind having people like Castro, Chavez, or Farrakhan endorse him. They love it as a matter fact. Castro and Che are heroes to them. They see nothing wrong with a person ruling a country for 50 years like Castro has or stramp bombs to children and kill like Hamas does. Those individuals want the destruction of our country and the sad part of it is that the left in this country want to see it as well. I never thought I would see our country in this sad state. If Barrack is elected, we will see Chavez, Ahmandinjad, and Hamas sitting in the White House.

  3. Friday, May 30, 2008 8:21 am

    “Fact: both sides have played a role is screwing up the the country.”

    And yet there is nothing ‘screwed’ up about this country. Regardless of all the drivel put out, it is still the greatest country in the world.

  4. Tuesday, September 30, 2008 7:50 am

    There are none so blind as those who will not see… every tin-pot scumbag who murdered his way to power or hoped to (such as Robert Mugabe, who climbed over a stack of bodies with Jimmy Carter and Andrew Young’s help to his present job as Dictator of Zimbabwe) endorsed Carter in 1976 and 1980… and are endorsing Obama now.

    We’re not as fortunate as we were in the late 1970s, or even in the late 1930s, when it was just Germany, Japan and Italy against the rest of the world. Now the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, with half of the world’s population and over half of its nuclear weapons, is hoping Barack Obama will be elected President of the United States so even the pretense of a resistance to their plans for our planet will be extinguished.

    “A hundred years of war” under McCain will look awfully good compared to the centuries of slavery ahead for the West if Obama is allowed to disassemble the US military.

  5. Tuesday, September 30, 2008 8:35 pm


    What Do You Know About Obama? To check the factual, history of Barack Hussein Obama. Go on your computer then find out. enter: “Frank Marshall Davis”, “Obama/Saul Alinski”, “Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn”, “Obama/Pro-Palestinian Arab-American Group”, “Obama/Rashid Khalidi”, “Obama/Betrayal of Alice Palmer”, etc. etc., etc. on and on…reams of paper…..
    “CHANGE” is what he calls his gibberish. Obama’s…motivation, training and continuous education seem to indicate he admires Marxist philosophy. Karl Marx teaches….it’s alright to lie to all. Obama the “Selected Poster Boy” is a guarantee for Democrats getting 85% to 95% of all black votes for sure. Democrat liberals will do anything to stay in control…why not use this and pick Obama? No care about America?
    “Neighborhood Organizer”….Obama’s marching orders and script were and are: “listen to the people’s troubles and travails. dig for information and listen with a sympathetic ear and keep track of their annoyances, complaints. Obama your job: 1. “RUB THE PEOPLE’S WOUNDS AND RESENTMENTS UNTIL THEY’RE RAW WITH PAIN, THEN BRING ON MORE COMPLAINTS”. Keep selling and reminding them complainants neurosis and “Pain” bacl to those same people fore “more of their pain and suffering (imagined)”. Step 2. PROMISE “CHANGE”! It will work, it worked in Russia years ago. Lenin and Stalin certainly did make “CHANGE” JUST THE SAME AS Obama seems to be programmed to do now! It is straight out of the writings of Karl Marx .
    The ambiguous word “CHANGE” is the “BIG LIE”. “Obama is a self proclaimed student of Karl Marx and has been all his life. He was trained by Frank Marshall Davis and others since he was young in Hawaii and it follows right up to now. He continued on the path with his beliefs and studies. While at Harvard he proudly displayed the Russian Communist Flag in his dorm room. He was hired (selected) to Chicago. He was moved forward steadily in his preparation and grooming. He has performed his role and is doing the job right now. What will happen to America if most Americans do not discern this. Most of the media are biased and they ignore investigating any such reporting of the well documented information that exists?


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