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Hillary Clinton’s Victory In Pennsylvania Is Big Trouble For DNC

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s victory in the Pennsylvania Primary creates a huge headache for the Democratic National Committee and the Super Delegates. The DNC and the Super Delegates really don’t want Hillary Clinton as the nominee, because Obama’s magic dust has got them under his spell too.

But here is the truth — Hillary can win the big states and that is the big problem for Obama. The Clintons will keep making the case that she carried the popular vote in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Texas and yes also Florida and Michigan — so she should be the nominee and not Obama.

Since neither will arrive in August with the necessary total of 2025 delegates to win. It will take the vote of the Super Delegates to crown the nominee. Those Super Delegate want Obama to be it — because he would fulfill their dream of a smooth talking left wing candidate.

This is Howard Dean’s worst nightmare – remember he is the same man who ran an inept Presidential campaign in 2004 and just last week asked for Hillary to drop out of the race. Dean is still the same idiot who screamed his way out of the ’04 race.

So what does the DNC and the Super Delegates do? If they anoint Hillary over Obama then they will fracture the party and be branded as racist. That’s exactly the corner Barack Obama wants them in.

Despite Barack’s pretense at being that trans-racial candidate for all — he is also seen as the black candidate — and thus brings out all the negativity and racial divisiveness that the Democrats don’t need.

If Obama becomes the Democratic nominee he will loose the general election for the Democrats in November.

Posted: 2100PT 04/22/08


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