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Main Stream Media Ignores Obama – Rev. Wright Controversy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

There is a saying in the news biz that a story has “traction” or “legs”. The story on Barack Obama and his Pastor Jeremiah Wright has had an amputation or maybe I should say, intervention.

CooperObamaDespite the ugly videos of Reverend Wright’s damnation all over cable news and the Internet on Thursday. And Obama himself disavowing any knowledge of this hate on CNN, Fox and MSNBC on Friday evening. The front pages of the L.A. Times and the New York Times had not a word on this swirling controversy.

The story is also conveniently missing from both CBS and NBC News.

I scoured the front pages of the nations largest newspapers on Saturday and Sunday and it was as if nothing had happened at all. Instead, there was a wholesale acquiescence to quote Obama’s campaign rhetoric in Indianapolis, where he said he rejects Wright’s statements but still stands behind his Pastor.

Obama even invoked Bobby Kennedy’s speech in Indianapolis after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. “He said, at that moment of anguish, we’ve got a choice in taking the rage and bitterness and disappointment and letting it fester and dividing us further,” Obama said. “Or we can take a different path that says we have different stories, but we have common dreams and common hopes.”

Is Obama comparing himself to Bobby Kennedy and Rev. Wright to Martin Luther King? This is the height of hypocrisy — Obama believes himself to be a Messiah. I think Obama is really a pariah.

Barack lacks sound judgement when under duress and suddenly words don’t seem to matter when they meant so much to him before.

None of the articles made any reference to Obama’s 20 year relationship with Jeremiah Wright or questioned the use of Wright’s sermon, “The Audacity of Hope” which has become the centerpiece of his campaign.

Here is a sampling of the headlines from Saturday, March 15, 2008:

“Attacks on his church trouble Obama”, Mary Mitchell Sun-Times Columnist

“Race for White House impacted by freedom of preach”, Boston Herald

“Obama Battles Through Bad Week”, ABC News

Charles Coulter, of the Kansas City Star Editorial Board on Monday, March 17th demonstrates exactly how pro-Obama the MSM is (read the comments too) in “Enough! Attacks on Obama and Jeremiah Wright are ludicrous”.

Nothing in the editorials either, accept Sunday in the Washington Times. “Obama’s call to action”.

“In Mr. Obama’s “movement for change” there should be no room for racism, real or perceived. His “movement for change” should include repudiating intolerance and bigotry, even if it comes from someone you’ve called pastor, friend and spiritual leader for 20 years. Mr. Wright’s “preaching” is not only political but hateful and runs the risk of further dividing a country Mr. Obama insists on unifying. If, “[Obama] transcends race” as FOX News analyst Fred Barnes put it last week, not only does he have a duty but a responsibility — as a candidate, leader, American — to reject the man and his message.”

By ignoring the controversy, the main stream press hopes it will all just go away.

It is up to us to demand that our Presidential candidates be vetted extensively so we don’t suffer from “voter remorse” in 2009.

Do we really want Obama in the White House? It’s up to the voters to “reject and repudiate” Barack Obama before it’s too late.

See what others are saying here and here.

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Barack Obama Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do

Posted: 1415Pt 03/16/08

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. One Voice permalink
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 4:49 am

    The Latest Lockstep-Twostep by the mainstream media is, “White people just don’t understand how the Black Church experience operates.” WHAT? All of a sudden, I can’t even tell when I am hated…not for who I am individually…but hated because I am white and unleashed the AIDS virus on people of color? Rev. Wright, with his mail-in Master’s degrees is one dangerous liaison for Obama. It is Orwellian nonsense to say that I need an interpreter to understand Black Racist speech. Again, the mainstream media is trying to make me feel guilty because when I hear the anti-American rhetoric of Wright, I just don’t understand the “black faith experience.” HOGWASH. When you go to the trinity church, the gates of heaven open up and there is the continent of Africa…and if Wright has stepped down, no one has told his webmaster yet because there he is. Obama is inextricably tied to this man…he is the soul of Obama’s campaign. There is no apology necessary from Obama, there is no spinning of the hate speech, no bamboozling of me and others like me. There is a pathetic undertone here and that is basically that black speech needs to be parsed; that white America doesn’t get it. HOW INFANTILIZING IS THAT? What a put down to black people! I feel that blacks are grown-ups who are responsible for what comes out of their mouths….just like I am responsible for what comes out of mine. The height of hypocasy is for Obama to parrot “beyond race” fancy speeches for the stump…and sit in the pew rocking to the divisive bigotry of his 20 plus year pastor and self-described “uncle.” WAKE UP AMERICA and QUIT LISTENING TO OPRAH. She don’t know JACK…..or BARACK!!!!

  2. truth speaker permalink
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 2:42 pm

    The reverend speaks the truth. Now his cursing is his own opinion but the facts are the facts:

    1. hell yes, damn amerika for the treatment of negroes and others.

    2. hell yes, damn amerika for poisoning nevada and utah with radiation and killing thousands of people.

    3. hell yes, damn amerika for electing bush, faking the wmd scare, killing innocent irakis and torturing innocent people.

    4. Hell yes, the story of jesus is the story of whitie oppressing darkie. the romans were white (sort of) europeans. the aramaic culture was rather dark.

  3. bolsonon permalink
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 6:13 pm

    Other observations and opinion on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, politics, and the road to the White House:

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