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Lady in Pant Suit Beats Empty Suit — Sort of

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shriller and smarter rhetoric has won over empty rhetoric in Super Tuesday II. With victories in Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas, Hillary Clinton has come back from the brink and brought Barack Obama down to earth.


Despite her wins in the popular vote, Clinton has only gained about 24 delegates and merely cut into Obama’s lead. Barack is still the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.

It is now time to seriously question Barack Obama on what he really intends to do as President. The press on Monday finally began to ask Obama real questions about Rezko and NAFTA. It upset Obama so much that he walked out of the news conference after just eight questions. The messiah does not believe you should question him or his wisdom.

The voters are beginning to understand that once you say the words “hope”, “change” and “yes we can” over and over and over; you might want to know WTF does it all mean. Instead, he keeps repeating his very tiresome sermon — again tonight to wild applause.

Obama promises and promises, launching new entitlement program after new entitlement program. His ‘Dream” will cost the U.S. taxpayer a bundle. Ted Frank at “Above the” examines the effects of Obama’s tax and spending plans on take-home pay here.

Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not — you know what she’s about and what she believes in. Her supporters in Ohio shouted “Yes she will”.

John McCain who is now the Republican nominee – like him or not — is clear in what he will do as President. McCain said, “We don’t hide from history, we make history.”

McCain can now hone his attack on Obama and sharpen the differences between them.

There are real world problems out there. Palestine and Israel. Venezuela threatening Columbia. Iran still working on nukes. Pakistan on the brink of anarchy.

We know that McCain will protect America. But what would Obama do – sit down and talk?

Will action supersede hope? Will a new President bring change to America?

It’s all in our hands and We the People will decide.

Posted 2150PT 03/04/08


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  1. Mmasingira Mtembori permalink
    Friday, March 14, 2008 11:14 am

    You Americans are so funny. You are all so wrong.

    First, you claim that Obama is a muslim. I come from the same village in Kenya where Barack’s father came from. There are no Muslims in our village! People take names regardles of where they come from. We are not like Americans who take names only from Europe. Even that picture of Obama in Kenyan cultural dress was so twisted! It is not a religious dress. Many of us thought that America was a world leader. You are all so stooped in some very childish and irrelevant things. No wonder many of us argue that Americans are small-minded!

    Second, when this video comes out about his pastor, you all switch the story from him being a Muslim to him being whatever you now want to say he is. You guys are all twisted! A man comes along who can truly help the entire world and you are so busy destroying him! You raise people up, only to tear them down again! Pretty pathetic for a world super-power!

    Third, Hillary claims foreign experience because of a speech she made in Beijing! A speech! Don’t you see that irony! Barack has more experience in ELECTED office than Hillary! Come on Americans! Be an example to the world!


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