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Hillary Clinton Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton in a campaign stop in Ohio on Saturday angrily blasted Barack Obama. Accusing him of Karl Rove like tricks.

Translation: Dirty Politics. The Clintons of course have never resorted to dirty tricks themselves — never ever.

Hillary mad

“Enough with the speeches and the big rallies, and then using tactics right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” she said, alluding to President Bush’s former chief political adviser. “This is wrong, and every Democrat should be outraged.”

“So shame on you Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That’s what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio and let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign,”

Finally Hillary got angry — it was the anger we all expected from her at the last debate in Texas — instead of the “it will all be fine” closer.

It’s no coincidence that Clinton’s blast comes just 10 days before the Texas and Ohio primaries. These two states are being touted as Hillary’s “firewall” — but opinion polls show Obama steadily gaining.

This is Hillary’s last stand and could prove to be her demise. Her angry attack today, is really out of desperation, having tumbled from the presumptive front runner to the also ran.

Ironically it is in Canada, in a Toronto Star article by Tim Harper that puts Obamamania in the perspective that the U.S. media fears to tread:

“Somehow Clinton must convince voters this object of national adulation is an empty suit, a creation of bright lights, smoke and good lines, hiding behind the curtain.

But Clinton cannot pull that curtain back to reveal the impotent wizard because she is campaigning against a man who has somehow gone from nuisance to spirited challenger to a larger-than-life mythic figure in about eight weeks.

She must try to convince Democrats that it is time – now, not next month – to “get real” and take a good, hard look at what Obama is selling before a national spasm of buyer’s remorse takes hold.”

Unfortunately Hillary’s rage is too little too late and the image of Hillary Clinton we will see after March 4th will look like this:

Hillary Tears360

Posted: 2140PT 02/23/08


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  1. Saturday, February 23, 2008 9:59 pm

    Hillary is a butt slut.

  2. HELP US ALL permalink
    Monday, February 25, 2008 9:24 am


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