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Texas Democratic Debate — Surrender Now

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama and Clinton debated tonight in Texas. It was seen as Hillary’s last stand and Obama trying to stick to his “I’m the Messiah” script.

Hillary Obama Texas

The first question was from Jorge Ramos of Univision “Would you be willing to sit down with Raúl  Castro?” Hillary waffled a bit and then finally got around to saying she would wait until there was a “change in direction” before meeting Castro’s brother. Obama was ready to meet right away without any pre-conditions — but he would study up on Cuba first.

The Democrats are at it again — they want to meet with Dictators, thugs, criminals and butchers of thousands — to amend the world opinion of the United States.

Clinton and Obama do not want to demand that these regimes improve human rights and stop abetting terrorism and the killing of U.S. citizens first, before any talks could begin. No it’s appeasement — please like us – a Jimmy Carter redux.

It’s surrender time with these two. When asked if they could agree that the surge was working — they both refused to acknowledge success and just talked around the question. It’s all about bringing the troops home — abandoning the mission and not completing the job.

These two lefties are a poor excuse for the role of Commander in Chief.

They both want to increase the government’s hand in your pocket.

They are both socialists who want to drastically change America. — No wonder they are so eager to meet with Fidel Castro’s brother Raúl  and learn first hand how to do it.

Posted 1915PT 02/21/08


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