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Obama Clinton McCain — Jive Talking

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Election 2008 has slipped into nothing else but sloganeering, catchphrases and false rhetoric. Can Hillary Clinton, John McCain or especially Barack Obama say anything of substance?

Carrying Obama

Everyday I see rallies and photo-ops all orchestrated to make the electorate believe that each of these candidates can be President. The question is president of what — student council? Schoolboard? Condominium?

Do any of these Presidential candidates have an agenda for the future of this country?

John McCain rattles on about Iraq, national security and his conservative record – but he gives me no sense of how he might lead.

Hillary Clinton claims she has 35 years of experience and can bring us national healthcare and end corporate greed. “Solutions” not words. Hillary, what are you going to solve?

Barack Obama says he’s the agent of change and hope. He claims he will stop global warming, stop the war in Iraq. Yes we can — Yes we can, what exactly?

Not one of them gives me confidence in their leadership ability. I hear a lot of promises that seem entirely unattainable. Either their plan will increase the deficit or increase our taxes. It’s a bad dream with worse consequences when we awake on January 20th 2009.

I can’t vote for any of these candidates — I’m writing in either Margaret Thatcher or Nicolas Sarkozy. I want a real leader with a vision, strength and determination.

Posted 0135PT 02/19/08


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