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John McCain Panders to Conservatives at CPAC

Friday, February 8, 2008

On Thursday, Mitt Romney suspended his campaign for the Presidency and John McCain spoke to this gathering of Conservatives to plead his case of why he believes he’s a true conservative Republican.

Mitt Romney was eloquent and stated his policies perfectly – it’s a shame he’s stepping aside for “the good of the party” as opposed to fighting it out for the good of the country.

McCain spoke for over 26 minutes – his speaking style leaves me cold. There is never any emotion or passion in what he says — he’s not shrill like Hillary Clinton, but he’s certainly a much more boring speaker.

The room was conveniently fitted with McCain supporters and operatives who cheered a little too enthusiastically over his sudden new found conservatism. Judge for yourself.

Here is his speech in three parts and you can read the text here.

John McCain at CPAC Part 1

John McCain at CPAC Part 2

John McCain at CPAC Part 3

Posted: 0010PT 02/08/08


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