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McCain Keeps Lying Like a Snake

Sunday, January 27, 2008

McCain calls it the “Straight Talk Express” — it really should be known as the “Straight Face Express”. John McCain keeps on lying without a crack in his stiff veneer.

In the now bitter battle for Florida, McCain accused Mitt Romney of supporting a U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq. Romney angrily denied it and demanded an apology calling McCain’s statement “dishonest.”


McCain’s biggest lie is about Illegal Immigration. He publicly side steps his responsibility for the McCain-Kennedy immigration fiasco by now saying he wants the fence built on our southern border.

McCain has Dr. Juan Hernandez, as his campaign’s Hispanic outreach director. Hernandez served in Mexico President Vincente Fox’s cabinet. He is a strong advocate for open borders and he fully supports illegal alien immigration. The full and shocking details are in a post on Michelle

In the last debate McCain actually said he supports the Bush tax cuts – another lie as he voted against them twice!

He proudly states he was the only one to support the Iraq troop surge — another lie. In February 2007 there were 14 differing resolutions and bills introduced for and against the surge. The February 5th McCain-Graham-Lieberman resolution had another 6 cosponsors. You can read all about it here.

McCain who turned campaign financing upside down with the McCain-Feingold Bill, has a very shady financing deal in place with his “Reform Institute” and Rick Davis, who also works on McCain’s staff as his chief political adviser. The details are here.

Here’s more on McCain’s nasty and lying side.

John McCain wallows in lying. If you are one of the Bush haters who thinks you were lied to then McCain’s deceitfulness tops anything yet. Do you really want this man to be our President?

Posted: 1600PT 01/27/08


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