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L.A. Times Article on John Burton Sued for Sexual Harassment Forgets He’s a Democrat

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tim Reiterman, writes a nine paragraph article for the Los Angeles Times on former California Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, who has been hit with a $10-million sexual harassment lawsuit today by Kathleen Driscoll, the executive director of the John Burton Foundation.

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The article gives a lengthy description of the allegations that Burton sexually harassed Driscoll by making unwanted advances, using suggestive language and commenting on her body.

Reiterman also goes on to say, “Burton, 75, is one of California’s most prominent political figures, having served in the state Assembly, the U. S. Congress and the state Senate, where he was president pro tem until he was termed out of office three years ago.”

Mr. Reiterman never says that John Burton was a long time elected DEMOCRAT.

I am positive if John Burton was a Republican, Reiterman would have said it at least nine times. It’s another case of the left leaning Los Angeles Times leaving out the facts when they impugn a member of the Democratic party.

I contacted Tim Reiterman to explain his obvious omission — but he has declined to reply.

I stopped buying the paper a long time ago and this is why the once venerable L.A. Times is hemorrhaging money with a severely declining circulation. It’s a good fish wrap though!

Posted: 2010PT 01/23/08


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