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Primary Update: Romney Wins Nevada – It’s Anyone’s Game in S.C.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The A.P. and all the cable news outlets have given Mitt Romney the victory in the Nevada caucus. In South Carolina that primary will be a close one with either McCain or Huckabee the victor.

The Republican race is about delegate strategy and popularity. Romney leads so far with the most delegates pledged at 55. Huckabee has 19 to McCain’s 15. Fred Thompson has 6, Ron Paul 2 and Giuliani has 1.

South Carolina has 24 delegates up for grab. The Florida primary on January 29th is for 57 delegates, where McCain is currently leading in the polls.

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson in South Carolina

To put it all in perspective the primaries on Super Tuesday, February 5th in 21 states is for 1081 delegates. Whomever wins here will be the front runner. Link here for the Republican Primary Calendar.

The Democratic side is a real fist fight between Hillary Clinton at 198 delegates and Barack Obama with 110. John Edwards with 52 can only be the “Kingmaker”. Edwards will probably hold on to his delegates until the convention and broker a deal to release them to the candidate who will need them to win.

Super Tuesday in 22 states is for 2075 delegates. Here’s the link to the Democrat Primary Calendar.

I’ll be blogging later on the South Carolina results.

Posted: 1230PT 01/19/08


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