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Michigan Primary — Mitt Romney Wins — A No Brainer

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well Mitt Romney, the favorite son in Michigan won that primary. The victory was called about 30 seconds after the last polls closed. Mitt won by a nine point margin 39% to McCain’s 30%, Huckabee came up third with 16% of the vote. What’s most disturbing is seeing that Ron Paul had 6% over Rudy Guiliani’s 3%.

Is Rudy’s campaign done? I know he’s putting all his hope and money into Florida and February 5th’s Super Tuesday – but unless he becomes the real come back “kid” with victories in Florida, California, and New York — Rudy will be toast.

Vote sign

But I’m real glad that McCain did not win. John McCain is the most insincere and angry candidate next to Hillary Clinton! He’s really a liberal running as a Republican. McCain is pro-illegal immigration. No matter what he’s said about his stand on closing the southern border — he’s a liar – yes a liar.

McCain wrote the Amnesty Bill that we Americans said would not work. But McCain kept trying to push it down our throats, twice! The American voters killed that bill and now the American voters should kill McCain’s Presidential bid!

The best part was when Romney started his victory speech moments into McCain’s ramble. What a terrific strategy move! Romney just shut the old dog down and fast. Now McCain’s sputtering mad about Mitt going back on the arrangement to let him speak first. Hey screw you John – you get back exactly what you put out.

So this Saturday Republicans have a primary in South Carolina and Nevada. I think Huckabee will win South Carolina – I’d like to see McCain take a big tumble in popularity. Let’s see some jockeying from Fred Thompson and Romney.

The Democrats have Nevada on Saturday and then South Carolina for them comes on January 26th. Visit here to get your head spinning on all the different primaries and caucuses.

In Michigan Hillary Clinton “won” – the Democratic primary — but she was the only name on the ballot. Hillary got 55% to “Uncommitted” with 40%. That means 40% were voting AGAINST Hillary. Exit polling indicated that a majority of blacks and the young were voting against her.

The Republican race is wide open. The current pledged delegate count is Mitt Romney with 36, John McCain 19 and Mike Huckabee with 18. These are CNN’s numbers, Fox has a different count.

The Democratic race is between Obama with 25 delegates currently to Clinton’s 24 and John Edwards with 18.

Hold on Nelly this is going to be a barn burner!

Posted: 2010PT 01/15/08


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  1. cmblake6 permalink
    Friday, January 18, 2008 3:24 pm

    I still believe that FRED! is our only hope. Either we get full blown communist surrendercrats, RINOs, looneytoons, or the one true consistent conservative. You didn’t even mention HIS score. Why is that?


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