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UPDATE: Californians on Feb. 5th Vote NO on Prop. 93 – Term Limits

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UPDATE: We did it – we VOTED DOWN the Proposition – That means Fabian Nuñez and his ilk CANNOT RUN AGAIN IN NOVEMBER !!!

Don’t be fooled by the slick ads and endorsements in favor of Proposition 93 in the February 5th primary — it’s a bait and switch!

You are being conned by the career politicians who will be TERMED OUT in the November election!

In the Assembly that’s 12 Republicans and 11 Democrats and 6 Democrats and 4 Republicans in the Senate.

The most conspicuous of them all is Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez who is the chief proponent of the measure.

Govenor and Nunez

In 1990, Californians passed Proposition 140 which set term limits for legislators to a maximum of 14 years. Our greedy state politicians try to tell us that Prop. 93 decreases Term Limits to 12 years — NOT REALLY TRUE.

If Prop. 93 passes it will give those about to be termed out more time in office: it doubles Assembly terms from 6 years to 12 and Senate terms 50% longer from 8 years to 12 years.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has softened his past opposition to changes to California’s term-limits law, by endorsing the ballot measure that would allow many sitting lawmakers to run for office again this year rather than be forced to leave the Legislature.

This is also a crock and a payback to Nuñez, who endeared himself to Schwarzenegger by pushing a health-care overhaul that the two leaders negotiated through the Assembly last month. Schwarzenegger denies that the two had cooked up “an exchange” of support for their pet measures.

Not only is Schwarzenegger sleeping with a Democrat (Maria Shriver) but he’s also kissing the ass of Fabian Nuñez.

Everything Arnold was elected on has been cast aside. The state’s deficit is now bigger than when he was first elected. His health-care plan — free care to every Californian – ILLEGALS ALIENS INCLUDED will put us deeper in the red. Now he is pandering to the elitists in Sacramento.


Posted: 0012PT 01/15/08


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