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Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles County Cost Taxpayers 3 Billion Dollars Annually

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich released new statistics from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services showing that Illegal Aliens collected more than $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November, up $3 million from September 2007. Illegals collected more than $20 million in welfare assistance in November and more than $16 million in food stamp allocations, for a projected annual cost of $444 million.

That is not the entire picture of the taxpayer burden. When you add in the cost of free Emergency Room services, free Public School education as well as public safety and free housing the annual cost is $3,000,000,000. ($3 Billion) a year and rising!

That’s only the cost to taxpayers in Los Angeles County, how much is it costing the rest of the United States taxpayers?

Immigrants waiting 2

Is the cost $20 Billion, $30 Billion or $50 Billion annually? No one really knows, because most cities refuse to ask the important question; “Are you a Legal Immigrant?”

There are approximately 123 Sanctuary Cities in this country, this figure keeps rising every year. Here’s the list state by state:

• Anchorage (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Fairbanks (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Chandler, AZ (Added 5/30/07, Congressional Research Service Report, 2006)
• Phoenix, AZ
• Tucson, AZ (Added 11-12-07, Source: 11-11-07 story by Brady McCombs, Arizona Daily Star)
• Bell Gardens, CA
• City of Industry, CA
• City of Commerce, CA
• Cypress, CA
• Davis CA
• Downey, CA
• Fresno, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Lakewood, CA
• Los Angeles, CA (Congressional Research Service)
• Long Beach, CA
• Lynwood, CA
• Maywood, CA
• Montebello, CA
• National City, CA
• Norwalk, CA
• Oakland, CA (Added 8-27-07. Source: 4/25/07 story by KCBS 740 AM)
• Paramount, CA
• Pico Rivera, CA
• So. Gate, CA
• San Bernardino, CA (Added 6/7/07)
• San Diego, CA (Congressional Research Service)
• Santa Cruz, CA (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
• San Francisco, CA (Congressional Research Service)
• San Jose, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Sonoma County, CA (Congressional Research Service)
• Vernon, CA
• Watsonville, CA (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
• Wilmington, CA
• Aurora, CO
• Commerce City, CO
• Denver, CO (Congressional Research Service)
• Durango, CO (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Federal Heights, CO
• Fort Collins CO
• Lafayette, CO (Added 6/3/07)
• Thornton, CO
• Westminster, CO
• New Haven, CT (Added 6/4/07. TV News 8: City council votes 25-1 to issue ID cards to illegals)
• Springfield CT (Disputed)
• DeLeon Springs, FL
• Deltona, Fl
• Miami, FL
• Dalton, GA (Added 5/30/07. 6/18/07 Listing disputed as inaccurate by the City of Dalton, GA. Currently being researched. )
• Chicago, IL (Congressional Research Service)
• Cicero, IL (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Evanston, IL (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Cambridge, Mass. (Source: Boston Globe. First passed resolution in 1985)
• Chelsea, Mass. (Added: 8-14-07 Source: Chelsea government website with text of sanctuary policy.)
• Orleans, Mass. (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Portland (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that Portland city council passed sanctuary legislation)
• State of Maine (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that the governor signed a sanctuary executive order)
• Baltimore, MD (Congressional Research Service)
• Gaithersburg, MD
• Takoma Park, MD (Reported that City ordinance passed some 20 years ago; Congressional Research Service)
• Ann Arbor, MI (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Detroit, MI (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Minneapolis, MN (Congressional Research Service)
• St. Paul, MN
• Worthington, MN (Added 5-30-07 Note: This is where a Swift plant was raided by ICE in December, 2006)
• Reno (Added 5-31-07)
New Jersey
• Camden, NJ
• Fort Lee, NJ
• Hightstown, NJ (Added 5-30-07)
• Jersey City, NJ
• Newark, NJ (Added 6-3-07)
• North Bergen, NJ
• Trenton, NJ
• Union City, NJ
• West New York, NJ
New Mexico
• Albuquerque, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service; 8-14-07 KOB-TV 4 Eyewitness News report)
• Rio Ariba County, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Santa Fe, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
New York
• Bay Shore, NY
• Brentwood, NY
• Central Islip, NY
• Farmingville, NY
• New York City, NY
• Riverhead, NY
• Shirly/Mastic, NY
• Spring Valley Village, NY (Added 7-25-07)
• Uniondale, NY
• Westbury, NY
North Carolina
• Carrboro, NC (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
• Chapel Hill, NC (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
• Charlotte, NC
• Durham, NC (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
• Raleigh
• Winston-Salem
• Columbus, OH (7/5/07 Source: 5/10/07 Columbus Dispatch article stating illegal aliens in misdemeanor cases are not reported to ICE)
• Painesville, OH (7-19-07 Source: 7-18-07 Cleveland Scene article) [8-9-07 Disputed by Painesville’s City Manager, under review. 11-11-07 OJJPAC Note: City appears to be reassessing its policies. It is OJJPAC’s hope that Painesville can be removed from the list soon.
• Oklahoma City (de facto)
• Tulsa (6-3-07 Note: Tulsa city council is discussing changing its sanctuary policy.)
• State of Oregon (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
• Ashland, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
• Gaston, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
• Marion County, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
• Portland, OR
• Austin, TX (Congressional Research Service)
• Baytown, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
• Brownsville, TX
• Channelview, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
• Denton, TX
• Dallas, TX
• El Cenizo, TX (6-13-07 Congressional Research Service)
• Ft.Worth, TX
• Houston, TX (Congressional Research Service)
• Katy, TX (Congressional Research Service)
• Laredo, TX
• Mcallen, TX
• Port Arthur, TX (6-13-07)
• Provo, UT
• Salt Lake City, UT
• Fairfax County, VA
• Virginia Beach, VA (Added 6/3/07)
• Seattle, WA (Added 5/30/07; Congressional Research Service)
• Madison, WI (Congressional Research Service)
• Jackson Hole, WY
Washington, D.C.

Listen carefully to the Presidential candidates as they dance around this subject. That’s ALL of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls as well as John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani for the Republicans.

Let them know how costly this is to every U.S. taxpayer. Tell them to take a stand on this issue or you will not vote for them in the primaries!

Here how to email them:

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Barack Obama

Mike Huckabee

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain

Find out where candidates stand on immigration issues

Posted: 1425PT 01/08/07


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10 Comments leave one →
  1. cmblake6 permalink
    Wednesday, January 9, 2008 1:07 pm

    Sanctuary cities. CRAP! There need to be penalties to these places, such as being cut off from federal funding. And state funding, come to think of it. These places are in DIRECT violation of immigration law, and should thus be refused governmental funding.

  2. Nancy permalink
    Friday, January 11, 2008 3:17 pm

    How can illegal immigrants receive food stamps in this country when the DHR states “Only US citizens and eligible alens may participate in the Food Stamp program” according to DHR-FAD-1942. How obsurd is it that ANY POLITICIAN, GOVT AGENCY, CONGRESSMAN, SENATOR OR PRESIDENT would defy our laws and give hand outs to those that break our laws. I would like to see us put prisoners in desert tent camp prisons like the one in AZ, run them like a chain gang, deport ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS and enforce our laws don’t give hand outs to the ones that should not be here. How hard is it???? Our country has been brought down by the open borders, lack of judicial conscience and fat greedy power hungry polititicans who really don’t care about serving their country but only moving up the power food chain. Maybe we should fire everyone in congress and the house and get some real action. I agree we should also stop funding to all “safe havens”.

    Nancy K – California

  3. cmblake6 permalink
    Monday, January 14, 2008 6:47 pm

    Nancy just said what I wanted to say here, and did say over at my blog. Fine the gummint employees that gave the foodstamps in their “p.c. awareness” for the full face value represented. If the cities violate federal immigration law, they obviously don’t need federal money.

  4. Cactus Wren permalink
    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 12:53 am

    Great article!
    Glad I found you.
    I’ve added you to my favorites!


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