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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Mea Culpa

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar is trying to rebuild his damaged political reputation earned from his ruined marriage by the very publicized affair with Mirthala Salinas, the former Telemundo newscaster. The Deputy Mayor, Sean Clegg said Friday. “The mayor has repeatedly expressed his profound regret and apologized,”

You see Tony has been hiding out and figures if he keeps a low profile it will all disappear. In fact now the Los Angeles Times is stating that the affair is over, “They broke up earlier in the fall. They’ve both moved on. And Antonio is focused on his relationships with his kids,” said one person who said he learned about the breakup in October. The other source — who described himself as a longtime friend of Villaraigosa’s — said the relationship ended two or possibly three months ago.

Salinas and Tony

Mayor Villar’s political star is falling and instead of sexy photo ops he has spokespeople telling us about his new focus on hard work and oh yes his new found ethics. Pardon me while I laugh at that big fat lie.

Tony Villar is the same snake oil salesman the people elected as Mayor. He’s still a womanizer and still wants to sell out every U.S Citizen and Legal Immigrant for all the Illegal Aliens he can cram into Los Angeles.

Tony hired a fancy PR firm at city expense to see how craftily he could put a tax measure onto the February 5th presidential primary election. This is the so called “10% Phone Tax” that has been on our phone bills in Los Angeles for 40 years. Mayor Villar and your City Council are trying a bait and switch by calling the ballot measure a “Tax Cut”, because if it passes it will be only a 9% tax. Another lie!

First the current tax is Illegal and the courts are about to strike it down. BUT if the measure passes it will be legal. So voting NO kills the illegal tax. Do not vote Yes.

The Internal Revenue Service decided last year that the federal excise tax on telephone usage would apply only to separately billed local calls, according to city leaders. That decision quickly spurred questions about the legality of the city’s telephone tax, which contained a reference to the excise tax

The council rewrote its telephone tax earlier this year to omit references to the federal rules. But one taxpayer quickly filed a challenge, saying the city should have sent the reworded ordinance to the voters in accordance with Proposition 218, the 1996 ballot initiative that requires a public vote on every new tax.

The key word here is ILLEGAL, Aliens, Taxes or Romantic Relationships. Mayor Villar seems to have an affinity for this illegal thing. Just vote him and the rest of the crappy crooked politicians out of City Hall. Then the next mea culpa Tony Villar utters will be “I lost.”

Posted: 0015PT 11/24/07


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